Trapped air from laproscopic surgery! Help please!

Hiya ladies, I had a hysterectomy on Wednesday, I am in more pain from the trapped air in my chest and shoulders than my surgery! I have tried peppermint tea all day yesterday, I am trying to be as mobile as I can but the trapped air makes me very short of breath etc. My mum has suggested taking Wind-Eeze? Please help, I need this pain to go away, I can't cope with this on top of everything else :( Any suggestions welcome! 

Oh bless you! It's horrible isn't it. Walking gently is supposed to dissipate it.

Sending you enormous hugs




I had this with my laperoscopy. Gentle exercise (walking around the house) and some pain killers helped me. I took some Solpadeine which really did help. 


They use CO2 which is easily absorbed by the gut So the trapped air doesn't last too long. 



There are a couple of yoga positions I found to be very useful. Be careful with it but may help. You lie down on the bed or a Matt and gently pulls your knees into your chest . Then just rock side to side. You may get instant (noisy !) relief. You can also do this a leg at a time. Keep on leg straight, pull the other knee into your chest and rock gently. Hope it helps

It is my understanding that the air is trapped in between the organs so I'm not sure this would help. Probably check with your GP before doing any exercise or yoga. Once the air has been absorbed by the gut, the pain should stop.


That said, I may try this when I have regular trapped wind!!

Hope this helps. 

Sorry I haven't replied! I had my surgery on the 3rd of June and I am pleased to say, that most of the trapped air has gone! :D 

It got that bad in the hospital that they had to bring a chest x-ray machine to the ward and I had to have a ct scan! It showed a LOT of air under my diaphram! They were going to put a drain in to remove it as I was in a catch 22 situation where I needed to be mobile to get rid of the air but it was that bad I couldn't move! Anyway, I got home and slowly but surely, it has gone! I got hiccups really bad too and although they were painfull, they helped haha! Hope you are all well! Xo