Transposed ovaries pain


I’m 6 years post radical hysterectomy, I kept my ovaries and at the time of surgery requested they were moved up into my abdomen in case I required radiotherapy so that my eggs could be preserved.

3 years later I was hospitalised with a ruptured ovarian cyst and then went into premature ovarian failure.

Over the last 2 months I’ve been getting pain in and around the area my ovary sits which is around my liver, similar to the post rupture pain I’ve been back and forth to the GP, they couldn’t find my ovary on an ultrasound scan and all my other organs looked normal.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this surgery done and experienced anything similar? The next stage is to get in touch with my surgeon as she has more knowledge and was under her care when I had the rupture.



I'm so sorry to hear this. I haven't experienced this pain but I did have my ovaries transposed so I am definitely interested to hear how you get on with your consultant. 

Sending good vibes that they are able to help out with the pain xx

I've been this evening, I am being referred for a CT scan just to check everything over but she didn't think it would be anything sinister. It will certainly put my mind at rest