Transmyometrial egg transfer following trachelectomy

Hi guys,

 well once again I have to be awkward!, well if you've read my previous posts you will know I had a trachelectomy for stage one cervical cancer and have been going through treatment for IVF. 

Well producing the eggs has not been a problem however transferring the embryos back has. The fresh cycle embryo had to be frozen as the cervix entrancewas not allowing any entry to the uterus. 


So now I was in on mon for a dilation for a frozen cycle, once again this was pointless and no entrance into the uterus was capable, so the day after I had a transmyometrial agg transfer. This is where the blastocyst ( as they had been developed longer than an embryo, so they are stronger)  was injected through the lining of my womb into the cavity.. andwe had success, however the chances are not as good as a normal egg transfer only 40%, but better this than absolutely nothing. Now once again I felt like a guinea pig as apparently this procedure is very rarely done as a lot of trachelectomy patients struggle to bleed regular, but if you are of a similar situation to myself spk to your dr about this procedure...... And hopefully in a couple of weeks hopefully I will have some good news, but however if not at least i know there is an option of getting the embryos into my womb xxxx


I have just come across your last post after trawling the net for info on Transmyometrial embryo transfer.

We have just had our 4th unsuccessful fertility cycle. My cervix is completely stenosed following a cone biopsy in 2008 so we have had to have GIFT and ZIFT cycles.

Our clinic hasn’t suggested Transmyometrial embryo transfer and have no experience of it so I am desperately trying to find somewhere in the UK that can help me.

Where did you have your treatment? I so hope it was successful for you.

Thanks so much xx

Hi torybella,

I am so sorry for late reply, things just seem to take over and time flies!! I have had all my treatment at hospital name removed. Unfortunately last treatment after blastocyst transfer was a negative result .....however I have just had another blastocyst transfer last Monday successfully gaining entry through cervical suture after a cervical dilatation few week prior. They were able to stretch the scar tissue, ( which was compared to concrete!!) and luckily had left a slight access on day of transfer. I am now in the 2ww prior to doing pregnancy test, which is poss the worst time through it all!! 

I hope this is a slight bit of help for yourself or maybe if you could inform your consultant of my treatment through dr. Fitzgerald they may discuss the procedure as a possibility for yourself, annoying when you end up teaching the drs a thing or two!!

good luck and any other info I can help you with let me know xxxx

Hi Missjaxx, Thank you so much for your reply! I have everything crossed that you are reading this after having a positive result. That is great news that they were able to dilate your cervix! My situation sounds very similar to yours but I have had two further operations this year to try to get through my cervix and both have been unsuccessful. The last time (2 weeks ago) the surgeon cut my bladder during the attempt so they won't try to gain access again :o( So I'm going back to the fertility clinic next month. I think my consultant will want to try ZIFT one last time but we would like to explore Transmyometrial embryo transfer as the embryos can only be replaced on day 1 or 2 with ZIFT. It would be great to hear how you have got on and I am so hoping you have good news! Tory xx xx

Hi Torybella sorry for such late reply had problem with my account!!! the transfer was unsuccessful which is so hard, you get a little bit closer each time, but that's the way things go. Can't believe they cut your bladder as if your not going through enough. I had two cervical dilutions previous which didn't work but this time it did, it all depends on if your uterus is playing ball and relaxed or not happy I think anyway ; ) I think we are going to have a break now till next year as I don't think I'm physically or mentally at my best to produce eggs again. Love to hear where your treatment and discussions are going, and any help I can offer I will, take care xxx