Transmitting HPV to kids

Hi everyone

Im new here and looking for some reassurance. I recently received an abnormal pap result and tested positive for one of the high-risk HPV strains. I have two young children and am worried that I could have unknowingly passed this on to one of them. For instance, the other night my daughter was on the toilet and I scratched myself 'down there' and then grabbed some toilet paper to wipe her without washing my hands first. I definitely had some discharge on my hand and I'm scared I could have given her HpV... I would never forgive myself for putting my kids at risk.

I'm sorry if I sound silly? It's just all so scary :(

It is possible yes. HPV is transferred via vaginal, anal and oral sex but you said you had discharge on your hand and it is possible that some of this may have gotten into contact with her. I would go and see your doctor and see what they tell you to do