Translating colposcopy letter...

Hoping someone can help. Had a colp today after 3 HPV smears. It went fine, had a biopsy of an area with a ‘mosaic pattern’ and I was feeling mostly alright but now it’s evening, I’m having a bit of quiet time to myself and feeling a little wobbly.

SO. For people who understand such terminology (yes I’ve tried googling but SO much is heavy going medical studies and all I need is straight to the point common-sense, preferably using small words) what does the follow mean:

Aceto White Changes: Marked
Aceto White Site: Ecto & Endo Involvement

ALSO… what are “multiple directed biopsies”?

Thank you very much for any help and sense whilst I wait and invariably overthink things!

Hi there, I absolutely know this feeling as this is exactly how I felt a few weeks ago. I’d really recommend talking through this with the Jo’s helpline if possible, I did this with mine and they were so helpful and factual and really helped dispel some of the jargon for me.

I’m not a doctor but I did come across some of these terms when I was looking into my own colposcopy notes. For anyone reading, if I’m wrong or someone has further information please correct me. I had punctuation which is similar to mosaic pattern (as I understand it) which can be indicative of a higher grade lesion (CIN 2/3) but not necessarily- and if this is the case don’t panic, even CIN3 can take many years to progress to cancer (I myself have been diagnosed with CIN 1, 2 and 3 and have been told that this will likely be resolved with just one LLETZ which I’m going to be having in April). Multiple directed biopsies I think just means that they have taken samples from various places they have chosen - my gyno also did this to make sure she didn’t miss anything (this is not a bad thing at all, just that they are being thorough). For the other terminologies (and these ones as I’m not 100% sure as not a medical professional) I really suggest asking Jo’s. I’m really sorry if this isn’t anything conclusive, I just really didn’t want to leave you hanging with no responses as this was me just a few weeks ago! Stay strong, the wait is rough but you will get your results and a plan if that’s needed. Hugs x

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