Trachlectomy post op (children mentioned)

Hello everyone have nit been on here much but last time when i was...I was pregnant and diagnosed with stage 1b1....I decided to gi for a tracheletony after my planned csection at 34 far everythings been ok no complicatins really...I had an abdominal trachecletomy with removal of sum lympnodes. My son is now a healthy 9 month old happy baby. I had my trach on november 11 i am 7 months post... but i wanted to know has any one had bleeding just out of the ordinary either after ot before your period...its not really bright red it looks like period blood wit sum blackk stuff or period atuff i guess (sorry for being kinda gross)

Hi Whitney,

Nothing wrong with being gross here :-) We're all grown-ups :-) Sorry I can't answer your other questions though.

Be lucky :-)