Finally after being diagnosed on 7th June, I got my trachelectomy operation on 28th Oct & nearly 4 weeks later I got given the all clear! YAY! What a relief. There really is hope out there girls! I do have to travel 2 hours on the coach every 3 months to London to have smear tests for the next 5 years but I think in the grand scheme of things thats bloody good! Lots of love to you all. Any questions please shout. Sending love & positive thoughts to you all. This forum is amazing. Xx

Ah congratulations on getting the all clear! You can relax now and have a fantastic Christmas x

YAY! Excellent news! Congratulations!

Two hours? Nothing! Nice day out to boot!
The good thing about a decent-length journey for follow-up tests is that it gives you time to reflect on what you have been through, why it is necessary and how very different it could have been. You enjoy your trips to London!

Be lucky :-)

Thank you. Wishing you a lovely Xmas & a happy New Year! X

Thank you! Thats a great way of looking at it - thank you! X