Hi I am new here but having been diagnosed with cervical cancer earlier this year I have found this site to be a godsend!

I was diagnosed with Stage 1b1 adenicarcinoma and had radical trachelectony and lymph node removal in one laporoscopic operation in February. 

everything has has been ok since and I have been given the ok which is obviously amazing however I am still experiencing some side effects of the op and haven't been given any advice! 

the first issue is weight gain. I have put on over a stone since the operation and I know that in the grand scheme of life it isn't that important but it is really starting to get me down and I feel like my stomach is absolutely massive and occasionally just blows up for no reason! 

anyone one else experienced a trachelectomy and can give me any advice on how to cope afterwards? 

i am back to work full time but in a very sedentary job with long hours so always very tired and find it hard to find time to execise but I eat a healthy diet

any help would be very much appreciated as I have nobody else I can discuss this with! 


Thanks :) 

Hi Tinkerbell :-)

I'm really sorry to hear this because I understand completely how distressing this must be for you. I'm really sorry that I cannot offer any helpful practical solutions. Can you refer back to your medical team? Your GP? MacMillan? Just wanted to send you a huge hug because we hate being strangers in our own bodies 

Hey, I have had exactly the same treatment and experience the same side effects. I swear by an aloe Vera detox. What a different. Google 9 day cleanse from forever living. Fantastic and really reduces bloating xxx

Thanks everyone I will give it a try :) x