Hi guys wondering if anyone else has any experience of knowledge about having neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by the trachelectomy instead of the hysterectomy. I know it's a long shot but I was considering asking my oncologist if it is maybe a possibility but don't want to seem like an idiot. I've had a look into it and it can be done at my stage and although the stage doesn't change I will be at an operative level now hopefully which is below the 4cm. Just been going over everything i should ask and it's been playing on my mind.


Charlene xx

Hi Charlene sorry I don't have any info regarding your question but was just wondering how you were getting on with your treatmen? I remember you were diagnosed the same 1b2 like myself but you had to go down a different route of treatment. Hope your doing ok Hunni? Xx 

Doing not bad baldy as a baby but not bad lol! Have an mri on Tuesday to decide if needing the 4th chemo before surgery or if we are good to go. I'm just hoping the surgery now as finding the chemo harder to recover from. How you doing after your treatment? You had ur follow up and results yet? Hope ur well considering Cxx

Aw huni I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you don't have to endure another session of chemo. I'm doing ok thsnkyou well Physically not to bad started feel like my self a couple of weeks after treatment finished so happy for the nausea to be gone! mentally am having a few wobbles just nervous of the outcome really. I have my 6 week check up on the 6th October with my oncologist then I imagine my mri scan will be November because it will be 3 months since treatment ended. just praying for it to be gone so I can hopefully move on. Good luck with your mri Charlene let us no how you get on be thinking of you. Take care xx

I feel the closer I'm getting to the end of treatment the harder I'm finding it. Loaded with the cold just now and even a swollen gland gives me the willies :/. I get the results of my mri on Monday the 6th. I'm sure ur treatment will have done the job and you'll be able to start trying to recover mentally/emotionally. I will let you know how I get on and same to you, sure it'll be the news ur hoping for and it's "all clear". Xx

It's really a difficult time isn't it physically emotionally it's all exhausting! Yea do let me no hun be thinking of you. And thanks Charlene I really really hope it's the news we both need to hear! Take care hun xx