I underwent a trachelectomy last Wednesday and was allowed home on Friday.

Apparently it all went as well as it could and I really haven't suffered anywhere near the kind of pain and discomfort I was told to expect. I just have to wait now to find out the results of the tests they are doing on my lymph glands, and also to clarify that the margins are ok.

Happy to acknowledge that I may be in for a nasty shock, but I really do feel ok so far..


R xx

Hi there,
I underwent radical trachelectomy with lymphnode dissection on 7 August. Aside from some swelling in the legs and pelvis (which has now pretty much subsided) I think I have been healing quite well. Although I think I over did the walking at the weekend as today I am in a bit of pain and have had to start taking pain killers again.
I had my results yesterday and was given the all clear and told I didn’t need any further treatment, just follow ups every three months. I wish you the best of luck with your results.
Kat x