Hi, been told that this will be my likely treatment for stage 1b cc. Anyone know what the recovery time is? Would like to hear anyones experiences of this op :)

Hi I had mine this time last year, I had mine abdominally I was ok after 6 weeks, I walked out of the hospital but took me maybe 3/4 weeks to be up and about fully… Do you know what kind of surgery you’re having? I think laparoscopically is a much easier recovery.

I had a Trachelectomy and lymph node removal on 10th July this year… Just about 8 weeks post op and I’m back to work … Just part time and feeling ok!
I was in hospital for 5 days following the op… An extra day as the GA didn’t agree with me!
Also I had it done vaginally which is supposed to be faster recovery times - Any idea how you’re having it done?

Now I’m feeling good and can’t quite believe it happened! I don’t get any pain (was off the pain killers after a week!) just get tired if I do too much!

Are you having your lymph nodes removed also?

Take care and if you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to message me!

Em xxx

Yes it’ll be laparoscopically too. That’s good to hear in my head recovery was going to take much longer! Fingers crossed they can definitely do it for me.

Hi, they’ll do it laparoscopically. I’m yet to meet the surgeon though as he’s at a different hospital, this is just what I was told by the consultant yesterday. Providing my scans and X-ray are clear I keep my lymph nodes but they will take biopsies while doing the op to confirm no spread xx

That’s good then! This is the longest wait now! But it will come found quick!
My surgeon was at a different hospital too… And I had to wait for him to come to my local one to meet him… But then actually had my surgery done at coventry (an hour from home!)
All the best with your scan & X-ray!
And like I said any questions don’t hesitate to message me!

Em xxx