Trachelectomy Vs Hysterectomy


I'm sure this has probably been posted numerous time on here, but thought it might be best to hear from some of you who may have had this same internal debate recently. 

I was diagnosed in 2013 with stage 1A1 - super early, super lucky. Having been all clear for the last 4 years, I now have severe cell changes, and theres no option of LLETZ as I've had 3 rounds so far, and very little to work with in terms of a biopsy. 

I am now awaiting an MRI, before the team meet to decide the best course of action - from what I've been told today it will be either a trachelectomy or hysterectomy. 

I'm 31, with no kids... and despite having always had the attitude that I didn't want them, I once again find myself questioning that when the option could potentially be taken away. Ultimately, I know this will be my decision, however I wondered if anyone else found themselves having the same internal struggle? 

Also any info on recovery time for each etc would be much appreciately. As usual, my head went blank today and I need to formulate all questions all over again, despite having gone over them for the week or so in the wait to the appointment. 

Any similar experiences would be much appreciated for a chat :) 


Sam x

Hi Sam

After having a cone I chose the trach when diagnosed with 1b1 late last year. Like yourself I don't necessarily want children but my consultant hinted that the hysterectomy could be overkill and that I may change my mind on the kids thing in the future.

I had my trach done through abdominal incision and my hospital doesn't offer keyhole so think my recovery time was probably longer than others. I did find it quite challenging the first couple of weeks but by about week 4 I was feeling a lot better. Feel free PM me if you need any more info or advise x

Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear that you are in this bollocky situation with the rest of us.

Like Misstell I was diagnosed with 1b1 back in January and I too had a trachelectomy. 

The consultant sort of presented it as a 'we seriously recommend that you have the trachelectomy to preserve your fertility but you can have a hysterectomy if you want but we don't really advise that.' I think it's a case of don't go for the full removal when part removal is an option. If you have a hysterectomy then there's no coming back from that so if they can offer a viable alternative than it's a very viable alternative to take. 

I didn't want children before my cancer and I definitely don't want them now but saying that I personally think that if I'd gone for the hysterectomy I might feel worse because I'd have locked the door on my fertility myself - if that makes any sense? 

I'm happy to answer any questions that you have or if you feel like venting I am happy to be an ear for that too!



Sorry ladies, how completely rude of me. I went on holiday just after these replies, and never got round to responding. 

Thank you so much for your messages. Unfortunately, the MRI ruled out the trach, due to limited cervix being left after 3x LLETZ and a worry of missing something higher up. At present, I'm still a little in limbo (but I've just had that rant on another post), but looks like the hyst will be what's happening. 

Sam x