Trachelectomy & Lymph Node excision

Hi Everyone. I hope you’re all doing well.

I was diagnosed at the end of November after an abnormal smear test in July, I had a colposcopy and biopsy in September which showed CIN2 changes and a LLETZ at the beginning of November which showed cancer. MRI and PET scans at the beginning of December have staged me at stage 1B1 and I’m told that the PET scan showed no “hot spots” in my lymph nodes and actually not much left in my cervix either which was reassuring.

I’ve been offered a trachelectomy in January,with excision of my lymph nodes also. The operation will be in Preston. I know that lymph node excision is standard procedure with the trachelectomy and the surgeon has told me they’ll be looking at my lymph nodes while the surgery is ongoing. The lymph node bit is really jangling my nerves! Im trying so hard to focus on the scan results and the eternal optimism of the surgeon and the oncology nurse but my mind feels like such a roller coaster and I’m panicking that there’s a chance they’ll find it in my lymph nodes and I don’t know what happens after that if they do! I’ve been told that they’ll have “results” about two weeks after the surgery. Is this when most people find out if they’re “clear” or not?

Feeling so anxious tonight…I don’t know if it’s Christmas time making me feel so overwhelmed as well,isn’t it an emotional time? Xx

Hi farrsarah, I am in a similar spot to u! I was diagnosed 1b1 in nov and have my trach booked jan 3. It's terrifying - even tho my pet was also clear I keep thinking about tiny cells that will pop up in one of the lymph nodes! I guess there's nothing to do but wait.. It feels like the last hurdle until I can breathe normally again. Good luck with your waiting!! X

Hi Farrsarah

I had my trach and lymph node removal about 5 weeks ago. The lymph node part scared me but I was fortunate to get the all clear about 10 days after my surgery. 

I think they inspect the nodes during surgery and then tell you what they think so my surgeon said the looked good but they needed to be sent away to be looked at under a microscope. Here was me thinking just whip out your microscope now and tell me!! My surgeon was someone who I think would rather be pessimistic than optimistic. After my cone he said I would probably need more surgery and I could kick him if I didn't! I think they all know what they are talking about. It gave me huge respect for these skilled people.

Christmas can be an overwhelming time anyway and with this spinning around your head too that won't help.

If you have any questions about the trach please feel free to ask or PM me x 

That's exactly how I I can't breathe or relax until they hopefully tell me they've got rid of it all.  Thats exactly my worry about my lymph nodes.  I think the waiting and the unknown is the scariest part.  Thank you for your reply, its a relief to know I'm not the only one who feels like this right now xx

Hi Sarah :-)

If there is one thing I have learned about this cancer game it's not to consider crossing any bridges until you actually reach them. Your journey is likely to take a convoluted route, it's not just a straight line where you pass all these specific known landmarks in a specific order. No point getting exticed about crossing Tower Bridge if your route is going to take you over Vauxhall :-)

So, If it is found in your lymph nodes then you get to join the women over in chemo-radiation, which is nothing like as scary as it sounds, and it's a lot more sociable than surgery. But, that hasn't happened yet so don't give it another thought. I had chemo rads and it wasn't found in my lymph nodes so nobody can tell you in advance what will and will not happen.

Be lucky :-)

Wishing you luck for your surgery today Farrsarah. I hope you make a speedy recovery and are back on your feet in no time. I had my surgery on Friday and was out on Saturday and feeling a bit better day by day! Sending you lots of love and positive vibes x

Good luck x