Trachelectomy & Lymph Node Dissection.....

Hi All,

Im booked in for a radical vaginal trachelectomy and lymph node dissection next week, and im a little confused about the stay in hospital afterwards, the oncologist said it would only be 24 hours, but the info leaflet he gave me said a 1-2 day stay, the info i was given on diagnosis says 3-4 days....

Could anyone who has had the same op tell me how long they were in?


Hope you’re doing ok with everything?
I had a Trachelectomy and lymph node removal on 10th July this year… I was discharged 6 days later.
I seemed to be in longer than expected, but I was never told just 24 hours. My body didn’t like the GA so it took me a couple of days to get over that properly, and then to be able to shuffle around and get my discomfort (I was never in major pain) under control before they let me go home… And to be honest I wouldn’t of wanted to go home until that was the case.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me! :slight_smile: I had so many before my op!

Take care
Em xxx


just reading through some of the past few weeks posts. Just wanted to say hope everything went well with ur op and you were able to enjoy Christmas xxx