Trachelectomy / Hysterectomy Preparation

Hello ladies,


I’m due to have a trachelectomy within the next month and it’s all a bit daunting as I have never been in hospital before. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what to take to hospital with me and also if there are any supplies I need to have for when I get home.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Katy x

Same here! So far I have bought a few pairs of pyjamas in the next size up so they aren’t too tight around my belly, also need to get some granny knickers. Also got slippers and need a dressing gown. Toiletry wise, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, face cloth. I’m wondering if pads will be needed as I’m guessing there will be some kind of discharge. Be interesting to see what the ladies who’ve had the op suggest xx

Hey there,

I’d say take a nightie as you’ll probably have a catheter in so a nightie makes life easier. Peppermint tea is a godsend too as you may have trapped wind from the op. it’s all very glamorous :slight_smile:

I found an eye mask and earplugs good in hospital as it was noisy overnight. Face wipes help too and slippers you can just step into as bending will be difficult. Take some stretchy clothes to come home in as you could be swollen round the abdomen. Everyone’s different but I needed 2 size up massive knickers…I’d had an incision though not keyhole.

The hospital will give you pads but they tend to be the mattress type…I took a few of the slim ones in too. I also took an all in one body/hair was as showering was pretty hard. Again, probs due to the type of incision I had.

Best of luck with it all! Xx

Thanks Jo.

Pegasus, I also had a message from EmJess regarding this, i'm sure she won't mind me posting on here if she hasn't already messaged you.

- a nighty! ... So much easier than PJ's
- face wipes/baby wipes - I loved these and used them alot!
- sanitary towels... The NHS ones are horrible!
- pants a size bigger.. Proper granny pants, you swell up abit
- dressing gown & slippers for going down for GA
- peppermint tea bags - this is for the wind they pump inside you, it helps ease it, can be quite uncomfortable otherwise
- toiletries ... Small ones, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste
- hair bobble and grips!! Again these were my life saver!
- going home clothes that are loose and baggy!
- cartons of Ribena/caprisun .. I was so fed up of drinking water on day 3 these were lovely!
- I also took my iPad in and watched some films... the TV in there costs £8 a day...

I will probably be going in there with a big suitcae at this rate. Currently on the hunt for a nighty which doesn't make me look 102 years old :)

Do you know when your op is?


Haha, I feel such a fool for buying all these pj’s didn’t even think about the catheter, which makes me feel slightly queasy! No op date yet, got my MRI in the morning and waiting for all the other appointments which I’m finding pretty annoying.
As for nighties, I’m going to look in matalan and primark because they’re not something I’m likely to,use again.
When is your op date?

Jade xx

Having read your previous threads I just wanted to day that was good to hear you didn't need the hysterectomy xxx keep us informed of what happens next!

Thanks Dons - I have replied to your other post. I can't tell you how relieved I was to be given this option. I find out on Tues when my op will be, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

Jade I have had a look in Matalan and there are a few nice ones. They also have some nice thin dressing gowns.

How did your MRI go?


Just pm’d you Katy! It went ok, not the best half hour of my life but got to be done hasn’t it lol. Good old matalan, I shall get there this weekend to buy some!

We went and spoke to Macmillan too, I know these things take time to arrange but my husband works abroad so is coming back next week to support me, I’ve got him for 5 weeks before he has to return so need to be operated on ASAP so I’ve got him to help me!! Trying to find out what help is available to us so he can stay home longer. Are you finding this an issue too? X

hi ladies

i got my nightie from TK max :-).

also to add to the list

lip balm

hair drier 

squash (if you want to dilute your water)

lots of trashy magazines.

i was in for 3 days discharged myself at 8pm on the 3rd day. and i spent more time chatting to the ladies in the ward with me then using my ipad/magazines.

don't forget phone and charger!



Thanks Pat - find out tomorrow when my op will be. A bit nervous but wierdly looking forward to it aswell, very strange feeling!


Let us know when you know your date! I hope it’s not too far away for you!
And I’m glad my list was helpful!!
Nearly there ! Like I said … Any questions you know where I am! :slight_smile: xxx