trachelectomy check up

Hi just wondering for any ladies who had a trachelectomy or maybe even hysterectomy. What tests are carried out in your check up? I just have a smear done ever 6 months and I'm wondering if others have mris etc as I met someone recently who also had mris.

Thanks in advance ☺

I had a radical trachelectomy and lymph node removal in April 2014 and since then have had smear tests every 3 months. I had another MRI in January and everything came back clear so I am done with them now. I am now going for smears every 4 months for the next year and if everything stays well will go to 6 monthly then yearly unitl I get to 5 years cancer free and then it will go back to every 3 years. During my appointments the doctor prods about on my tummy then does an internal check and smear test.

From reading other posts on this forum, it seems to be a bit of a postcode lottery as to what treatment/after care you get.

Allie please can I ask whether your surgery has affected intercourse at all? I believe im a candidate for a trachelectomy (getting the opinion tomorrow after my MRI yesterday). I know it seems pathetic to be thinking about our sex life when I've just been diagnosed with cancer but it's a huge part of our relationship. I'm just worried about any consequences of this surgery in this department? If you'd rather not answer as it's a personal question that's ok!!!

Hi Sarah,


I had a trachlectomy in July 2014 and our sex life is good!  It wasn't painful and I have not experienced any bleeding afterwards.  It isn't pathetic to worry about it.  I was scared too as we had only been together a year when I was diagnosed and I didn't want to become all shrivelled up and celibate.  My body looks & feels different post op - big scar etc but the love of my man has given me some of my confidence back.  Hope this gives you some reassurance and that your next meeting with the Consultant goes well.  If I can answer any other questions then please just ask.  It can be a lonely journey at times.  Take care xx