Trachelectomy booked with review of womb in 6 months!

As a few of you know I had a hysteroscopy yesterday to look at my womb before making a treatment decision. 

He could see some abnormal areas but he said these were mild/moderate so I'm booked to have a simple trachelectomy on the 4th November! 

I ended up needing my husband in with me to hold my hand and then had abit of an emotional breakdown in the corridor (crazy lady alert!) but I think it was more of a release of all the pressure over the last month. 

He is going to review my womb in 6 months. He does think it will probably have to come out at some point but wants to keep it there aslong as possible due to my age. 

I'm also going to be having some laser treatment on the abnormal cells that have spread to my vaginal walls. 

Il probably be nervous as hell nearer the time but I do feel some relief now having a plan and a date. 

Thanks for all the support ladies



That's great news Johanna, I'm so pleased for you xx



Good news Johanna. Not surprised you had an emotional moment! Glad your husband was there to support you. 

Rachel xx

Delighted you feel some relief Johanna, and that you have a definite date and plan. At least you now know what needs to be removed and can plan things!

haha I'm sure the staff at the hospital wouldn't class you as a crazy lady by being emotional, you sound like you've been unbelieveably strong for weeks now, you deserve a bit of a breakdown!! Laughing


Best of luck with your operation. From what I've seen on here, you are a huge support to others so I'm sure it'll come back to you in even bigger doses. xxx

Hi Johanna thats great news. I think its always better when you know whats happening the fear of the unknown drives us mad. Good luck for your op on the 4th many hugs Sharonxxxxx

agreed with everyone above, at least now there is a plan!

Which means you have something to focus on.  I hope your op goes well, keep us all updated 


Aww thankyou ladies! 

Just realised iv posted this in the wrong section... Oops! 

Isn't it strange how operations/procedures that aren't plesant can actually make us happy and settle our minds! 


I just feel so relieved I now have a plan of action even if its only a plan of action for now. He does think my womb will have to come out aswel at some point over the next couple of years but the longer I can hold off on HRT or menopause the better! 

Despite all the advice given, I ended up jst wanting out of there and not asking a single question so today iv had to call to speak about it. I have no idea how long il need to stay in hospotal for or even recovery! 

Doctor was lovely though and is calling me back tomorrow to chat about it. 



It is amazing how much your mind goes blank at any appointment isn't it! I don't think I've had a single conversation or appointment that hasn't resulted in me having to phone back later to go through all the things I should have asked at the time :)

Realky pleased that you have your treatment plan and date! The countdown begins :) x

Hi Johanna, well at last you have a plan and its not quite so scary as you thought.  Of course its still pretty scary - anything to do with this whole business is terrifying but its the not knowin g that the worst part ......and now you know !

Not too long to wait either for the op - but enough time to plan

Hugs to you for being so brave xxx


Hi Johanna


and breathe....... :-)

oh thats great news, am so pleased for you and what a relief....i bet your just glad to have that part behind you too :-) I agree with all the above wholeheartedly....especially the comment about your support to others.

Time to relax for a while now until the next part..... :-)


Thanks ladies, this site has been such a help to me. 

I really do think my mini breakdown was purely down to relief and all those emotions building up finally coming out. 

I did know it would probably be this or hysterectomy so hardly a suprise but it feels great to have a date to concentrate on an know what's going to happen rather than guessing and not being able to plan anything.

Im hoping thely call be back today as I realised I got out of there in such a hurry I know nothing atal about it! Silly me! 

Thanks everyone


Hi Johanna,

Great you now have a plan. It also sounds like you have a fab consultant. Good luck sweetie. Xx 

Thanks Tes, I hope your well