Trachelectomy Booked - Feeling Positive!

Hello again ladies,


My trachelectomy is booked for the 30th Sept! I will be admitted 29th Sept and I am currently first on the list so it will be a morning op.

I’ve reached that next hurdle now where I’m starting to feel a lot more positive and stable with knowing what is going to happen and what the (hopefully) positive outcome will be.

I have to say, as warned by EmJess, consultants are VERY matter of fact and they do say some scary things that personally I have decided to block out as I don’t want to focus on the ‘what ifs’ right now. I need to focus on this op and getting myself better. My macmillan nurse was incredible, she sat with me for a good hour going over what will happen in the op, what things I might come up against and how to deal with all of this. The amount of info she gave me was great.


So – the countdown is on! 18 days until the recovery process starts. I am in contact with EmJess and Pegasus84 who have had/are having the same op as me and I have to say it is amazing to have people around you who know exactly what you’re going through.


I found a quote by CS Lewis the other day which has pretty much got me through this week:


“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”


I’ll leave that with you :)


Katy xxx

Really pleased for you!

I to had my meeting today to find out what happens next after an exhausting week of worry and , at times, despair, to be told 1b1 and hysterectomy!!! Hoorah!! Never did a major operation sound so appealing. It is amazing how the thought of treatment makes worries melt and gives a light at the end of the tunnel x

Keep it touch. It's always so good to hear other people's thoughts and experiences to know you're not alone Xxx


Katy, I am so pleased for you! Please stay positive and don't think about what-if scenarios!

jelena xxx

Hi Katy

Glad to hear you're booked in for the right treatment for you. I have my next appointment on 30th September and I am really hoping that trachelectomy is the treatment of choice for me (I'm 26, stage 1 - not sure if A or B or what!) I hope you can keep us all up to date with your recovery as I'd be really interested in how you get on :)

All the best love, very pleased that you are pleased!