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I don't know what the etiquette here is about personal blog's and so if this post if breaking a rule then please feel free to delete it!

I was diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer back in January and though everyone says to stay off the internet, I, being an idiot, didn't and found some articles and stories which terrified the crap out of me.

Luckily during that time I also found some wonderful things on the internet. Jo's forum being one and a few specific cervical cancer/ trachelectomy blog's being another. My experience was that you didn't necessarily get the full picture presented to you by the medical team and so I found these blogs and the forum an invaluable source of information even if it was just for what to expect before and after certain procedures.

I started to blog about my own experiences, primarily as a way of coping and secondly to provide a shared experience to other women in similar situations if they needed it because at the time (and even now) boy did I need it!

The third reason was to try and convince women I knew who hadn't attended smears to attend their smears. Sadly I was part of the group that didn't feel the need to attend and that is probably my biggest regret in life. If I could write something that would convince others of the benefits of smears than that would be a good thing. My best friend of the same age has never attended her smears and still hasn't even after my diagnosis but that is another issue for another time.

My blog is here - and is based on my experiences with a 1b1 diagnosis and a trachelectomy procedure. It may be useful, it may not be but it's out there in the ether if anyone wants it.

I still continue to come onto the Forum each week because Jo's has been an unending source of support and I don't know what I would have done without it.

Thank you to all :)

Hi Gerry! What a great blog-so detailed yet funny,I would love to have read it while going through the diagnosis and treatment.. can certainly relate having had a very similar journey and surgery and being a fellow control freak.. I'm now 2 years clear (with a small but terrifiying blip along the way), although still struggle with anxiety, but that's a part of the journey.. Good luck and keep blogging:))


Hi Gerry, 

I just wanted to drop a quick message to say thanks for the effort you've put into the blog posts. For the first time I've read something that I've more than related to - specifically the 'not real cancer conversation'. 

My story isn't exactly like yours, I've been 4 years clear after 3 rounds of lletz and a staging of 1A1 and now have severe cell changes, and back to the torturous waiting ahead of my appointment on Thurs. I particularly loved the gremlins and lotr references btw. 

Anyway, thanks for the lighthearted but very real way or sharing your experience. I hope all is well for you. 


S x

Hey Gerry,

Great blog! Love all the pics and your sense of humour! :)

Gerry -


I am laying here recovering from my CKC, waiting on the phone call with results and scrolling through Jo's. Thank you for posting your blog! I read your first post and had a total dega-vu moment while looking at your first vacation photo - I too travelled to Brugge about a month before my AIS diagnosis and felt fit as a fiddle as the time. Spooky! Looking forward to reading more :)