Trachelectomy 6 month check up - advice

Hey everyone,

Hope you are all doing well.  

I have my 6 month MRI on Monday followed by a colposcopy check up a week or so later.  The only check up i've had so far was at 3 months where they had a quick look to check healing. All looked fine apparantly.

I'm starting to get a bit nervous and would just really like to hear your thoughts and expereinces on check ups post trachelectomy.  I also have some more specific worries/questions......

- What are the smears they perform on you post trachelectomy like? Are they similar to regular smears?  Should I expect bleeding and discomfort?

- I've heard that you often get an 'abnormal' report on post trach smears.  Not because there are abnormal/pre-cancerous cells but because there is no cervix left so the cells that show up on the smear are different to the norm.  Plus you are still healing etc.  Has anyone had this happen?  I don't want to panic if my result isn't perfect!

- Has anyone actually had pre-cancerous cell result on a 6 month check up post trach?  Or a dogdy MRI result?

I was 1b1 and it turned out they got all of the cancer in my original Lletz treatment (they just found some CIN3 on the removed cervix) but my cells were poorly differentiated so my mind is still a little too focussed on that.  Anyone else had poorly differentiated cells and still all clear?

Sorry for the million questions.  I know I will be driving myself crazy with worry on the run up to tests and find it really helpful to vent the worries here!

Thanks for reading ladies xxxx



Hi there! :slight_smile:
I go every 6 months at the moment … I had my trach 2 years ago now.
My checkups are very similar to a normal smear, my consultant just looks abit more closely with a microscope … I then usually get a results letter in a week or so… All of mine so far have been clear. I’ve not had any abnormal results.
I also don’t get any discomfort afterwards, sometimes abit of spotting but I’m told this is quite normal as the cells are more delicate.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Em x

Hi :). 


I had my Trach about 9 months ago now. My first smear was abnormal and they told me that was quite nromal. My first MRI scan also showed a swollen Para- Atoric (can't spell it) lymph node (I think that is ariound your belly button), it was only 1cm but as that was the cut off for my hospital I had to have a PET scan. The PET scan was negative (thankfully) but to be 100% sure they want to do the MRI 4 months later. I'm a little nervous about it but I think we have to remember out bodies have been through a lot and can take time to heal. 


My second smear was normal so I'm hoping my next MRI scan comes back clear in september. :)





Thanks ladies, that's reassuring!  Good luck with your scan Amy, like you say our bodies have been through alot - even if it's easy to forget that!  Can I ask what stage and grad you were??  I've not really spoken to many people that have had teachelectomies.


I was stage 1b1 and had moderately differenciated (I can never spell these words). I know it's hard to find people and the doctors and consultants aren't very good at helping us through. I have posted a few times on here with some stuff I've learnt (often on people's posts) in the hope to keep people's minds at ease. Just focus on the positives though, I say that put still struggle myself sometimes!



soory *grade  and *trachelectomies (typing in a rush!)

I was stage 1a1… They got if all in my lletz but my margins weren’t big enough so decided to take it all away xxx

I have only had my 3 monthly check up so far and consultant said he will do a smear at my nerd check up in september and if it is all clear then I won't have to go back for a whole year! Although this sounds positive I am worried that he is not being thorough enough? Also there has been no mention of having a follow up MRI? Weird as we have all had trachelectomy! 

Hope yours went well Nellie xxx

Hey....I just had a Trachelectomy for 1b1and they've said they don't need to do an MRI scan at all!! I was slightly concerned by this as everyone else seems to have one but my mum says to look on the bright side and that it's a good thing that they must think I'm low risk....part of me would still like the scan though!!!! Xx