Trach news- children mentioned

Hi all,
So I have gotten a call from my consultant. He sought other opinions from colleagues abroad and I have been told I can have a rad trachelectomy instead of rad hyst. I have to be aware of the risks as I have LVSI, higher chance of recurrence (12%). If the margins come back to close or there is lymph node involvement I’ll need radio chemo but I was need that anyway after a rad hyst if there was lymph node involvement.
My head is in a daze. I don’t know how to feel.

Hi Maev,

This is something that happened to me: doctors studied PET/MRI, didn't find anything else, and decided to go for trachelectomy (as radical as possible, as in conization I had LVSI as well). During the operation they did the analysis of sentinell lymph nodes (there's a theory that if there's not mets there, maybe there are no mets) and also tested some other part close to uterus to check if there's enough of margins. After that they continued the operation. Hope all will work for you in the safest way!