Total (vaginal) hysterectomy - happy for any advice

Hi all,
I live in Norway and my mum recently found Jo’s site and this wonderful forum, which I am very grateful! Last year I had an abnormal smear test. This was followed by colposcopy, conisation, ultrasound, and other checks during the last 9 months. The tests confirmed I have HPV-16, moderate dysplasia of cervix and adenocarcinoma in situ, which I learned (with the help of Jo’s) to be terms used in Norway for CIN2 and CGIN. I am grateful that the medical service has been swift and supportive and most of the time able to discuss in very good English. I was recently advised to have a total (vaginal) hysterectomy, keeping my ovaries and lymph nodes, scheduled for 5 April. Thankfully my partner and I were not planning any children and this decision feels right and I am pro-active to get it done and move forward. But I am nervous and feel upset and I would be very happy for any advice.

For anyone who has had a vaginal hysterectomy: any tips on how to prepare yourself? how was the recovery process, in terms of how you felt and what you could do and how long it was to heal?
Any comments will be most appreciated, thank you.