total hysterectomy

Has anyone got any advice for me ive been told today that i should have an total hystetectomy due to them not been able to locate the abnormal cells has anyone goy any advice plz xx

Hi Lesley

You've come to the right place for lots of help and support.  Have you been diagnosed with CC and have you been for a MRI yet?  It will no doubt feel very scary at the moment but once you know exactly what will be done and when it is going to happen then a lot of the fear goes.

A lot of the hysterectomies are done by keyhole surgery and recovery time is quicker.  You have to take it carefully afterwards with no bending and lifting for a while but you soon start getting back to your old self.  Little walks to start with increasing a bit more on a regular basis.  Some ladies are OK to go back to work after say 8 weeks and some take longer.

Let us know a bit more about your diagnosis and we'll do all we can to help.




firstly sorry to hear that you've been recommended a hysterectomy...

you need to do what is best for your health & circumstances...

I had one in 2012 at 29, kept my ovaries as they were safe. recovered

really well and the scarring isnt too bad either. was back at work after about 10 weeks... 

sending you lots of luck...



Make sure you ask lots of questions. The ladies above are right you need to know if it will be keyhole or abdominal as recovery time is much different. It also may be worth asking what other options there are too as I was recommended an ovary saving hysterectomy but changed my mind and opted for more lletz and check ups. They found Cancer but only 1a1 in my first lletz. I have Cgin so if abnormal cells are found in the second Lletz then I will probably need to have a hysterectomy. I changed my mind as due to previous surgery it was more likely I may have to have an abdominal hysterectomy and risk bladder damage due to previous scar tissue. I also don't think at the time I realised how long recovery would be I thought about a month to be back to normal (and maybe back to work in a week lol!). I don't think I had enough info to make a decision and didn't appreciate that it is a big operation. HOWEVER (and this needs to be in caps)  all this has to be weighted against your risk of cancer and how you feel about that risk at the end of the day. 

Ask lots of questions both here on the forums or call jos or ask to go back in an speak to the docs ( I spoke to them on the phone when I changed my mind)

Let us know how u get on.

They havent been able to find the abnormal cells but there somewhere ive had 1 lletz la and 1 lletz under ga they said they couldnt see my cervix so cant locate the cells thats why he wants me to have adominal total hysterectomy womb and cervix only xx

Hi Lesley,

Sorry to hear what you're going through, it doesn't sound like an easy time by any means. I'm sure I've seen posts from you before, I thought that then it was about LLETZ to remove pre-cancerous cells, so I'm sorry to hear this is treatment for CC, has this been confirmed?

If it's abnormal cells, I wonder if you've thought about a second opinion at another hospital? A hysterectomy in this situation sounds a bit drastic, but of course it has to be your decision at the of the day as it's you who are dealing with this. If you've been told you have CC then of course this is totally different, and it's understandable the doctor is suggesting hysterectomy as treatment. As has been suggested you could try ringing Jo's helpline, or even use their 'ask their expert' service to get another doctor's opinion. 

All the best x

I dunno wot to do do u think itll make any difference a second opinion im just scared of the pain afterwards xx

Me too sweetheart I know the hospital are going to recommend one but I just don't know how I will cope with being out of action ( as the slight reduction in activity post Lletz is bad enough) 

Guess if the Cc risk is high we need to 'man up' and realise the hysterectomy is much better than letting the cancer spread and those consequences on our health :(

Grrr why do we say 'man up' is their a girl equivalent?? 

Hope u dont mind me asking u how old r u xx