Total Hysterectomy Done!

I had my laparoscopic total hysterectomy yesterday afternoon. The Anaesthetist really struggled to find a vein and actually nicked one vein in the pfoxes, causing me to bleed everywhere (the cleaning staff won't be happy with me!) My consultant said she was very happy with how the op went and said there were no complications. She is confident that there was no residual cancer outside of my cervix which is amazing news (although of course we won't be 100% sure on that until the lab results are back). I was sent to the HDU straight after recovery as they were a little worried about my oxygen levels so I stayed in HDU last night and was discharged at lunch time today. So far I'm not in too much pain (Touch wood!) more discomfort than pain if that makes sense? All of the staff I have encountered during my journey so far have been amazing! Now just got to get through the recovery, have the follow up appointments and hope the consultant is right and I am cancer free! :-) 


For those of you who don't know my story

first ever smear test April 19th 2017 (at 31 years old, I kept putting it off as life kept getting in the way!)

Colposcopy and LLETZ procedure on the 1st June 2017, Colposcopist advised that she thought I had some areas of cancer But I would receive my results in 2 weeks.

Diagnosed with Stage 1a1 CC  (2 small areas)with adenocarcinoma in situ, CIN, CIN1 and CGIN 14th June 2017, my case was referred to MDT meeting for North East Hospitals to discuss treatment options.

Case discussed at MDT meeting on 19th June 2017, recommended total hysterectomy.

Consultant appointment on the 6th July 2017, hysterectomy scheduled for 24th July 2017.

Total Hysterectomy performed 24th July 2017

Glad to hear it all went well. 


Now rest! I had the same procedure and am 12 days post op. I am feeling really good but I think this is because I have followed the advice of the medics to the letter. I do my physio every day and am building up my walking each day - going for 6500 steps today. X

Awe glad to hear all is well.

im 8 days post op and feel really good today.

goof luck with the recovery and remember rest and more rest! 

Thanks everyone, I'm still feeling pretty good but, sorry if this is TMI, what do you do for wind pain? I'm going to the loo regularly and everything but just today I have suddenly started to get pain like trapped wind on and off throughout the day!

I'm now two weeks after TLH. The wind pain was the worst! And when I finally started going to the loo, the diarrhoea was bad...sorry!

i took windeze and used a hot wheatie on my tum. 

Have any of you had the blood clot fall out? I was warned it might and today had the most colossal bleed ever! Spoke to the hospital and they reassured me but it's knocked me a bit as I've been doing brilliantly and now I'm back to resting with feet up and have pain. 

Hiya I'm newly diagnosed. I have just had my CT and MRI results there's no spread(whew)and I have to have a radical total hysterectomy Can't decide whether to have it abdominally or laparoscopically. I have a meeting with consultants 1 week today. What's everyone's thoughts?

Hi Pauline, 


I had laparoscopic surgery and healed beautifully. I've got 5 little scars. I think it's a miracle how they can perform such an operation with just 5 little scars to show for it. I just had to remind myself that there is a lot of healing going on inside. 


Lots od love xx Nat 

Had my laparscopic procedure done on Monday 09/10. Home yesterday. Pain under control but Oh the wind pain!!. Surgeon confident that no more treatment needed.  Now let the healing begin.