Total abdominal hysterectomy..bit of a rant sorry.

hi all, bit confused and i cant seem to find out about total abdominal hysterectomy's without googling husband banned me from it after i wigged out over vaginal cuffs!!

Everyone seems to have had the radical one, im dont know what the difference is...not good considering ive signed off to have a total..(keeping my ovaries)

I also feel a fraud as i havent been told i have cc. I have had two leeps that have come back severe dykso...(however you spell it) cin3 full margins, all i remember is its high up in my cervix growing inside out? i did ask for a diagram but a piece of paper with doctor scrawl aint helping when i cant remember what he said, but apparently this is the best thing for me. 

now this is what confuses me...ive had 3 c-sections, and was told if you have a four they cut down from your belly button...this doctor guy going to go in through there...and my bladder could have fused to the scar why the hell doesnt he make a new cut? scared im going to be wearing tenna lady for the rest of forever. Also im at basildon hospital...which left a swab in my mates mum when she had hers and she ended up with a massive hernia. then i found out about vaginal cuffs...i cried all day and throwing all my ann summers stuff in bin bags and looking for polyester nighties and telling my husband we aint never having sex again. (yes ive been told im melodramatic) overall im now crapping my nice frilly knickers (dont fret i have massive bridgit jones in the drawer now ready) 

im worrying that im going to have a personality transplant. as im going from perv to missing half my bits.

sorry about my random moaning little bit apprehensive that it is all going to change, 

Hello Sinedoll

Sometimes husbands can be right Laughing  googling does frighten people.

Naturally, you're upset and scared, but I'm sure you'll be fine.  Lots of ladies have that operation, even after caesareans.   If the hospital has already had issues with forgotten swabs, you can be sure that they count them very carefully now.

I wouldn't throw away my Anne Summers stuff if I were you - you'll need it again once you're over your opLaughing.


Big Hugs


I thought I'd try and make things a bit clearer for you. It can be a lot to take in when you're feeling apprehensive and scared, so hopefully I can help :-) 

First of all, you asked what the difference is between a total hysterectomy and a radical hysterectomy. A total hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus (womb) and the cervix (the bit that joins the top of the vagina to the bottom of the womb). Nothing else is removed in this operation. In your situation, they provide this operation to prevent you from developing cancer. That does not mean you would definitely develop cancer if you did not have this operation, but they do it in order to protect you from that possibility, because you've got persistent CIN3. 

A radical hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus, cervix, the top 2cm of the vagina, the parametrium and a portion of the fallopian tubes. They often remove some groinal lymph nodes at the same time and in some cases also remove the ovaries. This operation is only necessary if there has been a diagnosis of cancer. 

A total hysterectomy (which is what you're having) can be performed vaginally in most cases these days. This means that they remove the cervix and the uterus through the vagina, rather than having to make an incision in your tummy. This is safer and will mean a quicker recovery time, with less chance of infection, so I would ask them why they've decided not to do it this way if I were you. 

In answer to your 'why don't they just make a new cut' question - there are only so many times they can cut into your tummy without doing you some damage. If at all possible, they will always try to give your body as little 'new' trauma as possible. 

What makes them think your bladder has fused to old scar tissue? Have you been getting pain in your tummy or have you had trouble going to the loo? A total hysterectomy should have no long term effect whatsoever on the effectiveness of your bladder - you won't be wearing tena lady as a result of a total hysterectomy.

Finally, vaginal cuffs. When they have removed what they are going to remove, they have to sew you up at the top. If you think about your vagina as a corridor, which leads into a hallway (cervix) which then leads into a room (uterus) it is all completely contained and 'sealed' from everything else that is packed into your abdominal area (such as your bowel and bladder, for example). If they take the cervix and uterus away, you are left with a 'open' vagina at the top, so they have to sew it up, otherwise theoretically, things can drop through!!! The area where they sew it up is what they call the vaginal cuff. It won't feel any different to you, won't feel any different to your partner when you're having sex and certainly has no effect on what underwear you can wear! You'll still be able to have an orgasm and engage in all the same sexual activities as you do now. 

I hope this helps to clarify things for you. If you've got any other questions, please don' hesitate to ask. 

Take care,

Annabel. x

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