Topotecan Use

I have secondary cervical cancer in the lower spine which has deceased the spine, I have been on chemo but the cancer has still grown and have been advised that no further treatment could work I have been offered Topotecan or paclitaxel, I have already had paclitaxel, my oncologist has explained that there is only a 10% chance any of these will work and the side effects could reduce my remaining quality of life, has anyone else had the Topotecan and how did you get on with it


Hi Fairman,
Sorry to hear that your cancer has spread. I dont have any personal knowledge but there is an advanced forum for women living with advanced cancer and im sure someone on there will be able to help

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Please join the advanced cancer forum
You can talk to a number of us on there
Topetecan is a vile drug, I refused to have it when I was offered it in 2018 when I was diagnosed as terminal.

What treatment have you had so far, what type of cervical cancer do you have?
Where are you in the country?

Please feel free to Pm me, Iā€™m happy to chat to you on the phone, please keep some hope!

There are likely other options available to you, but many Oncologists, particularly at district general hospitals are very limited by what they can prescribe.