Hello sweetheart,

Sorry for your troubles and please don't apologise for sounding self-pitying. You don't, you are worried is all (just loved the phrase 'pity-party') This sounds much more like an infection than cancer to me. You have been through an enormous amount recently and on top of that you have a big assignment to complete as well. It's very likely that you are run-down, exhausted, stressed and this is not helping your immune system from fighting bugs. I did have cancer and it wasn't anything like you are describing so please try not to worry yourself about that, you have quite enough other stuff on your mind right now.

Go well




I am sorry to hear what you have gone through.  I too had an ectopic pregnancy and left tube removal back in February.  In early March I started getting an ache in my cervix - I described it as a "tooth ache" - sounds stupid but it was like a sensitive sensation and dragging feeling.

I decided to book my first smear - 29 years old, I know, not great.  Anyway, you can see from my history the outcome - I have a follow up in January.

It's impossible not to do, but please don't worry.  Going for a colposcopy and waiting for results can make you feel lousy and on edge - it doesn't help.  Please try and stay positive, it's likely you'll just need a little bit of treatment.

One thing I found, my smear was only 6 weeks after my ectopic - I was found to have glandular abnoramilities as well as those more common ones.  Anyway the common ones were found after my treatment and dealt with but they could never find the glandular ones - I think these were caused by the miscarriage - apparently, in Wales, they won't do a smear until after 12 weeks of a pregnancy or miscarriage for this reason.

Good luck and please do not hesitate to message me with any queries - it sounds like we are both going through a very similar thing.

I also agree with Tivoli it sounds like an infection.





Hello, so sorry for the delay in replying, I haven't been on here for a week.


I definitely had CIN3, a sore cervix, and no cancer.  I think, with ectopic, the cervix doesn't open up like it does with a miscarriage because your body thinks you’re still normally pregnancy and, I think, until my HCG went, it was still clamped shut - hence the aches and then irritation from all the examinations.  Could be completely wrong but I like to find reason with things!


Yes, my periods are very sore since my surgery and around ovulation too.


It's great you are feeling more positive now after the LLETZ, please keep feeling like that.  I feel I have wasted this whole year with anxiety, upset and tuning into every twinge and ache.


If you do feel like TTC again when you are ready, I have joined a group on FB called "Trying to conceive after ectopic pregnancy" - I've found the support and camaraderie on there really encouraging.


Any questions please just drop me a message and I’ll do the same, thank you.


Now we should both enjoy our Christmas and look forward to 2015 xxx