Hello everyone hope u all ok just wondered if any one felt the sale as me in oct had a smear age 24 abnormal had biopsises came back CIN 3 tryed to do lletz but they r now wanting to do it under GA  anyway since oct i have had no sex drive at all i am so scared to do anythin and feel like i dont want to mke things wors dwn ther by trying anything my partner is been so supportive but i feel so sorry  for her i seem to go to bed bfor her so i am asleep bfor she comes up dose anyone els feel like this 

Sorry if tmi xxxx

Hi hun!! I absolutely felt like this at first.. But when I actually came to terms with what I have and that it's actually not gonna take over my life, I felt better about it all. Trust me, I avoided intercourse like the plague at first!! I also realised, before my smear I was none the wiser and still had sex with my partner. Protected and unprotected as we've been together a while and have a baby together and we don't plan on separating at all, so I don't see why I should let it affect the way I live. What you have to remember hun is, you're being treated for the abnormal cells so hopefully that'll be it and you won't have another recurrence and it will be gone. As with HPV, if you have it, your partner probably already has it too (the same strain as yours) as I guess you would have had intercourse before your smear? Just carry on as normal hun, don't let it ruin your sexual relationship with your partner. HPV will eventually rid itself from your body and also your partners, they say you can't 'ping pong' it back and forth so I honestly wouldn't let it control how you live hun!! I was the same at first but I am absolutely fine about it now :) nothing will happen to you or your partner if you continue having intercourse, so enjoy it hun!! You're still so young, make the most of it. Ever need a talk PM me. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Xx

Thank you and i am trying my best it will happen soon i hope lol yes i have hpv but that is not really bothering me at min tbh xxx