Too scared to get a smear.

I'm a 19 year old student and I feel like everything at the moment is going great. Apart from one little problem. Back in June I had 5 periods in the space of 7 weeks. Some lasting 4 days. and then having a few days break and them some lasting a week. on my mums side of the family the females have a crazy history for problem with there cervix. My mum had cervical cancer a few year ago and had to get a hysterectomy. So with all that in mind I thought id better take a trip to my doctors. when arriving she asked if she could give me a smear test there and then. Obviously conncerend about what I told her. I then explained I couldn't as Mother Nature was in progress. She then told me I'd have to phone up and ask for one over the phone. I was to ask for a 'vaginal examination' to the receptionist who has known me since I was 3 years old. She then explained the procedure and I left. It is now October and I still haven't contacted them. And even though my periods have went back to normal I still have that worry at the back of my head that something could be wrong. But I am too embarassed and scared to go and get checked out. I need some advice if possible. I know I should wo-man up and go. But it's fear that stops me.

Fear is a funny old thing. But its not worth bowing down to it. There are many, many reasons for irregular bleeding, but if you've a history in your family of cervical issues, you should definitely get checked. It's a little bit uncomfortable, and a big bit embarrassing, but its really not that bad. I've been having regular smears since age 17, and had borderline changes picked up in early 20s which meant more frequent ones for a few years. But my cc wasn't found until age 39, and not by smear.

If you're really worried about having to tell the receptionist who knows you, why not contact your local GUM clinic who should be able to do it and pass results back to your gp. I'm sure everything will be OK, as I said there are many things that cause us ladies bleeding issues, but its definitely good to get checked over. Good luck and let us know how you get on. There is a lot of support here.

I put off having my smear due to fear it would hurt, fear it would be completely embarresing along with the fear of having to wait for results. I could literally kick myself for being so silly, I'm 28 and had my 1st smear last week, the whole day I was nervous making myself feel sick with worry about how it was going to go.. And guess what, I'd rather have a smear again than have bloods taken! It's such a quick procedure, you are asked to lay down knees up and relax your legs, as I was asking the nurse how much is this going to hurt, she then told me it's already in and she just needs to take the swab, which 5 seconds later was done! She lowered the bed and that was it! I was in there no longer than 5 minutes! All that worrying for nothing! It does not hurt, I wouldn't even say it was uncomfortable to be honest, I think it's the prospect of having to lay there with your legs open that's quite a cringe thought however the nurses do this day in day out, and I built myself up thinking surely it's much better to just get the smear done than ending up having to have invasive surgery that would be a lot more uncomfortable and long winded. Please go and get checked you will feel so much better once you've done it. Xx

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience I now feel a lot cleaner on the procedure and it's just nice to hear someone else's view of it. I'm going to phone my doctor tomorrow and arrange an appointment☺️ I suppose id rather be safe than sorry x 

Please do, you will feel so much better once it's done I promise you! Keep us posted :) xx