too much pain for sex!! help!!

Hi ladies

4 Weeks ago I finished treamtent for stage 1 b2 CC. My treatment was 5 weeks chemoradiation followed by 3 weeks of brachytherapy.

So I've been using the dilator's for a little over two weeks now which honestly has been a breeze. I got upto number 4 (the largest) pretty quickly only experiencing pain because of the length of it which I think is just down to the fact that it is quite long - for me anyway

So about a week ago me and my partner thought we would give sex ago and just take it slow and with plenty of lubrication. It was so painful... I'm pretty sure I only managed an inch before i couldn't take the pain anymore... So, as I felt fine the next day I thought I would try a vibrator which is wider than the largest dilator, same problem... i maybe got 2 inches and it was so, so bad! I've been using the vibrator for the last few days but nothing is progressing!! This was my biggest worry about finishing treatment, the affect it would have on my sex life... I'm only 27 and me and my partner have had a very active sex life up until now and I'm so worried that things will be like this forever...

Am I overreacting and is it too soon to be worrying about this problem? I'm not sure if I'm getting ahead of myself and am trying to speed the process along and need to keep trying?

Is this normal at this stage?

I just can't seem to find any help online...

someone please help and put my mind at ease. I really hope this is normal and nothing to be worrying about


Thank You :)


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Have you tried pelvic floor therapy? it is really helping me. 

I’m the same. finding sex extremely painful. It is really affecting my relationship. Can only penetrate a little. I feel like it’s a brick wall in there.