Tomorrow's the day

I go for my colposcopy tomorrow, I have abnormal cells and tested positive for HPV. To say I'm bricking it would be an understatement. Can't eat, can't sleep, am a mess. 

I go on holiday on the 5th August, what if they want to do any treatment tomorrow? I have read differing accounts of women bleeding heavily after treatment for weeks etc, some not for long.I do not want my holiday spoilt and obviously plan to swim and sunbathe. Can anyone give me any advice please?

my only advice is... take paracetamol before you go. Easier said than done, but try to relax as much as you can. i will be over before you know it. My experience was terrible but i am one of very few who have a bad expericence. Also very good to take someone with you, also to drive you home, can make you feel a little woozy.


good luck with it xxxxx

I had mine on Monday I can honestly say it was not as bad as I thought I was very worked up about it all, the worse thing is the waiting. I can honestly say the dentist is a lot worse I got treated there and then and now waiting for the results, I have been told no swimming or baths for 4 weeks. 


Good luck with tomorrow u will be fine the doctors and nurses are very nice and talk to you the whole way though xxx

Thank you so much for your replies. Oh my god, no baths, is that the same for everyone? what the hell are you supposed to do? Frown

Just showers Hun not aloud to sit in water after loop thing, u will be completely put at ease. Good luck xxx

Oh blimey, we haven't got a shower Cry Besides I hopefully don't need any treatment and if I do won't have it done tomorrow as am not messing my holiday up

Thank you btw x

what i did was fill a bath a little bit (i dont have a shower either) and stand in it and wash like that. all i wanted to do was fill the bath with hot water and lay in it ha ha especially with the pain i had!

hope all goes well xxx