Told my cervix bleed easily

I am 25 and had my first smear test in November. I received my results two weeks later and was told I had server dyskaryosis. I attended my colposcy appointment on Thursday. I was under the impression that i would have the treatment there and then however the doctor took three byopseys and said i now needed to wait five weeks for the reults. During the examination she told me several things that now i wish i had asked more questions about as now i am really worried. My main concern is that she said that my cervix bleed very easily when she touched it - I was asked if I had bleeding after sex which I do not. Could this be an indication that it is something more serious as surely this is not normal. Also she said the effected area was very large. Will this make treating it more difficult?  

Hi surfbetty,

Not sure I can offer you anything here but wanted to respond as I know how scary it is. Just wanted to add that I bled at my smear and asked the nurse if it was something to worry about and she said it can be a hormonal thing, depending on what time of the month it is.

I'm sure you will get a letter through soon enough with an appointment for the lletz. It's almost easier once you know what's happening.