Told I have Cancer - but waiting for labs to confirm


So I’m 29, I have a 6 year old boy and I was told last Thursday that after my smear came back showing precancerous cells, my Dr can in fact see that I have CC but the diagnosis won’t be official until the labs say so. I’ve bee told to expect the call early this week, definitely by Wednesday.

I first went to my GP back in November 2014 with post coital bleeding, I asked for my contraceptive implant to be removed as I wondered if it was that that was causing the bleeding. They first attempted to take it out in February but had problems, they finally managed to remove it in April 2015. I was told on 2 occasions that the bleeding was due to an eroded cervix. I went back in June saying it was getting worse and I wanted treatment so finally go referred to the hospital. August 2015 I went to the hospital to have my cervix treated with Silver Nitrate. I was asked when was my last smear and I replied Dec 2012 so would be due again in Dec this year. The Dr said he would do tests including my smear so I could have them all done in one go. I received a letter telling me that that the test were clear but showed that I might have BV so another test should be done to determine if I needed antibiotics. I called my Dr and asked if I could have the antibiotics as I knew I wasn’t right. He prescribed them over the phone and after the course of antibiotics I went back and said I still wasn’t right, so he referred me back to the hospital. 2nd trip to the hospital I went through all the info above with one DR, and then another. During this appointment I was asked again when was my last smear, I explained that it had been done the last time I was there. After some investigating, 2 calls to 2 separate hospitals, it was revealed that a smear had not been done and my Dr told me he would not treat my cervix until he had the results of a smear. He examined me and told me that usually he would tell me it would take 3 weeks, but in fact its 2 and he wanted to book me in and that I was to call to confirm that the results were definitely in. Before the 2 weeks were up I was told that my smear showed abnormal cells and that they were precancerous and would need to be treated for that. I visited the hospital for my appointment this time with a female Dr and thats when I was told I had cancer.

I’m trying to stay positive but I’m finding it hard to ignore the fact that I first raised the issue over a year ago. I can’t help wondering if I’m a case of negligence either by the GP’s for not testing me or for the DR not testing me when he told me that he had. I have no idea how advanced the cancer is, so I’m sat waiting with my mind racing. I feel like I have a chest infection and I’m light headed, feeling sick - no doubt these are all down to stress but can’t help worrying if it’s the cancer and it’s progressed further than the DR’s realise.

My husband left when our son was 5 weeks old, I’m his main carer. I have parents who have just retired and have their own health issues. I have a partner who I have been with for 3 years, we’d talk of a future with marriage and more children. I want to be strong for them all, I want to be strong for myself. I’m trying to prepare for the worst so anything less will be a bonus.

I don’t know what to expect from writing all this down, I guess I just need to get it all out. x

Hey Lauren,

Sorry to hear your story, I hope writing it all down has helped in some way. Sounds like you've had lots of tests in the run up to getting your diagnosis. I was in a similar situation and had 18 months of various appotinements before being diagnosed, unfortunately there are many causes for bleeding and its a process of elimination for the Dr's. This is the hardest parts- waiting! Once you know whats going on you can focus on what happens next. Be confident that you were up to date with your smear, its a really slow growing cancer and it can be very well managed and treated. You don't need to look far on here to read loads of positive stories.

I was diagnosed with 1B1 in May and having had surgery am now being reviewed every 3 months, turned 30 over summer and have been able to maintain fertility.  

There are plenty of ladies on here who know how you feel... and will be here for the journey ahead. Stay strong for yourself and your family. and let us know how you're gettiing on.

Big Hug xx

Hi Ren, :)

It's the perfect place to come and let it all out.

I'm sure other ladies will be along soon. You have come to the right place. There are many great ladies here who all have really good knowledge and stories to share. They have cerntainly helped me get through all the stress and questions.

I'm sorry that you are going through this, the stress and the waiting can be horrible.

My story.... I had not had a smear for 4 years. In Sept I finally went back and had one done. The smear came back and  I was told I have Andeocarinoma cancer- which it turned out to be pre-cancer cells.

The smear that I had 4 years ago was abnormal and I was meant to go back for a smear evey 6 months, I was very bad and stupid however and never went back like I should of... I guess what I'm trying to say to you ( and our bodies are all different ) but I want to try and give you some comfort that it may not be fast growing and it is really treatable.

It would be so frustrating to have raised this a year ago. Try and keep postive and not to stress out too much ( easier said than done sometimes!! ) and ask lots of questions.


Wishing you much luck xox

Hi Lauren,

I'm so sorry to hear that you find yourself in this situation. I hope that writing it all down has helped to some degree even if only to get it all straight in your head before the next steps begin. I'm sure you must feel angry as well as anxious and it's horrible having these conflicting emotions. I wanted to offer you some comfort in that when I was diagnosed, my cancer was visible to the naked eye. I don't ever want to see a doctor with that facial expression ever again. That was four years ago. I was treated straight away and have been cancer free ever since. I would like to think that given your age you may find that you can be treated in a way that retains your fertility.


Be lucky :-)



Just take every day as a new day, once you know what you're dealing with you really will feel a little better as you know what the score is then.  You can do this, you can get through.


Ruthie xx

So just had the call confirming that its Cancer, which I was expecting. I've been told to expect a call informing me when I'll be having my scans. I thought they were going to tell me what stage it is but turns out I was wrong, cant help thinking that her initial opinion of it being early stages is no longer her current opinion given the indefinite answers she gave me over the phone. I'm either right or reading too much into things. Did anyone else get told what stage they were before any scans took place?


Welcome to the forum.. What a frustrating situation with your diagnosis! The positive in all that is that first of all you did all you could-were up to date with your smears and pushed for further investigations. This type of cancer is slow growing so it's very likely that if it's confirmed as cc it's early stage, keep your focus on that! I was diagnosed in July with adenocarcinoma sitting on top of the cervical erosion and had the same surgery as Rhi, so there are lots of positive stories from many ladies here.. 

Good luck!

xx Anna

Thank you, really appreciate all the responses. My family are finding it really difficult at the moment and they can’t bare me talking about it. I’m trying to be proactive, making preparations etc but they don’t want to hear it. My boyfriend has shut down, he’s being so caring but won’t hear anything about it. I feel like I cant talk to anyone because I don’t want them to get upset x

Hi Ren

Some people find it incredibly difficult to deal with especially when they are so close to you.  They probably can't bear you talking about it as they don't know what to say to you.  This is where we come in!  There's a whole bunch of amazing ladies on here that will be your new best friends - we will listen when you need to talk, give you help and advice when you need it, be there for you when you need someone to lean on and celebrate with you when you kick cancer's butt!

There are loads of success stories on this site so please take strength from that.  It's a tough journey but just take it a day at a time and you'll get through it.  Please don't ever feel alone, we are only a message away.

Big hugs



Me again! I've had a really good day, feeling positive
I'm currently doing my teacher training, so attended a course today to keep me busy.

I saw my medical notes today and found that the Dr I saw last week had said she suspects me to be stage1b. I just wanted to know if anyone knows if a cancer beyond stage 1b can be diagnosed at this point.

 I'm awaiting my scans and while 1b sounds promising I'm trying to manage my own expectations but stay hopeful too. Can anything beyond a 1b be suspected through an coloscopy examination? Or is a 1b the highest level that can be diagnosed with the naked eye? X


I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that it's possible to take a stab at a 2 or maybe even a 3 from a colposcopy. Have a look here;

It seems to be very rare for a staging to change much from the original.

Be lucky :-)

Hi! Sound like you are doing well! As Tivoli said the doctors are normally pretty spot on the staging from colposcopy, so if she thought it looks like 1b it's likely to stay that way. Fingers crossed you'll get your answers soon!



Hi, I decided to ask my Dr the question about the 1b diagnosis and she told me that they cant diagnose beyond that without the scans. I had my bloods taken and they've come back fine, so my kidneys can process the dye for the scans. I was told to expect either a hysterectomy or radio and chemotherapy as my options of treatment, I asked if the option of trying to maintain fertility is completely lost and the Dr said she didn't want to get my hopes up, which I appreciate her honesty. That had to be the most difficult thing I had to relay to my partner. We both have 6 year old boys from previous relationships so we're lucky in that respect. I'm concerned that I have lower back pain and pain in my lower abdomen and last night was aware of an odour, not a. Particularly offensive one but enough for me to have booked an appointment to see a GP. I don't want to take any risks. Still I'm trying to remain realistically optimistic. School have been great,, they've allowed me to stay home to work on my files and have said that they have enough evidence already to sign my first placement off. So now I'm going to try and work on my essay,, which is due 4th Jan 2016. I'm determined to continue with this course as deluded as it might be. I've found that my way of coping is to try and normalise the whole thing, I find myself making inappropriate jokes about it, much to the horror of everyone else. But I've found that being honest with work, friends my sons school has meant that they're areas of my life I don't have to worry or stress about and that there are so many people who care and are ready to help out. So many people have said that they are on hand to help with my son, which has been lovely as I'm sure there will be times that I wont be able to pick him up from school or there maybe times I will need to rest or even just for him to be out having fun away from the atmosphere that now follows me wherever I go. Feeling lucky to have such amazing family,friends and work colleague. X

It's a treat to find someone else who makes inappropriate jokes! :-D When you're a bit further along we might share some of these offline ;-)

Be lucky :-)

I think you learn through this to speak frankly and not use glossy euphemisms...


I just wanted to add a little bit of positivity... I was diagnosed with 1B1 in April. I was 29 at diagnosis, and have no children so absolutely keen to maintain fertility. I did require surgery- I had a cone biopsy and lymph nodes removed (Some people don't even need lymph nodes removed with 1B1). There certainly are management approaches with 1B that can maintain fertility. Please keep positive at this point .. Reading any website scared me as most seem to suggest hysterectomy is the only option. Its not! My surgery was sucessful, and my 3 month review showed I am still cancer free. I will be monitored every 3 months for the next year but it's looking positive.

Have a good old chat about your options with your consultant when you have your results. xx


Hi, I’ve been experiencing really bad lower back pain as well as pain in the groin area. I usually experience back pain when I’m stressed and that’s what the GP has said he thinks it is. Unfortunately I no longer have any faith in my GP after what has happened the last 12+ months. Did anyone else experience this after a LLETZ procedure? Is it normal? I’m worried that its a sign things are worse than I hope them to be. X

Hi Lauren,

I think lower back pain is pretty common with any gynaecological tampering. I haven't had a LLETZ but certainly having a coil fitted used to trigger lower back pain.

Be lucky :-)