Today is a good day

Hi ladies,

Haven't been on much since treatment trying to get back to normal but I wanted to share with you's all my great news. My 3 month scan has came back clear no evidence of disease!! I am absolutely over the moon and would like to thank all the ladies who have helped me through my journey you will never know how much it helped me.



Woot woot!!!! Super news, now go on and live wonderfully!!!

Fab news 

I love to hear all you ladies get the NED 

makes me so happy thanks for posting gives everyone hope 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

So happy  4 u hun  x

Brilliant news ToughCookie :-) So pleased to hear, enjoy a celebratory drink tonight.

Marie xx

Fantastic news xx

Briliant news!! xxxxxx

Great news. So very pleased for you. 

Great news!! x 

Fab news! xx