Today I had my first coloscopy x

Hiya everyone.

I had my first coloscopy today. I found out I had abnormal smear results on the 22nd January 2016.

I did as much research as I could before hand. But nothing prepared me emotionally wise.

In the room with me was 2 nurses, a doctor and my partner.

The Dr told me they wanted to do a biopsy. I’m not going to lie I freaked out. I don’t think I’d of gone through it if my partner wasn’t there beside me.

Physically I was fine. Emotionally I fell apart.

I had 2 biopsys taken. It was more like a mild pinch. Nothing like I imagined beforehand.

The procedure took around 30mins (it would of taken less if I hadn’t of freaked out).

If anyone’s reading this and is worried the best advice I can give is just breathe. Take someone with you to comfort and support you. Take a day off work and relax. Take painkillers with you to the appointment and ask the doctor if you can take them after the procedure.

It may be a physical procedure but it can also affect you emotionally. I thought I’d be calm after doing the research (but I wasn’t).

I know it’s easier said then done to “try” to stay calm. All those emotions and what ifs running around in your head.

I found it wasn’t a bad experience but it wasn’t a pleasant one either.

Get it done and out the way. You’ll look back one day and be glad you did.

A few minutes of unpleasantness for a lot less worrying.

Now I’m just waiting for the results (4-6weeks) and in that time I intend to get on with my life and try to remain positive.

As for walking- I’ve been walking around like I’ve got a big pad up there (walking around thighs closed). I just found it easier. Alcatraz thighs :smiley: lol x

Wishing everyone all the luck and love in the world and remember your not alone x

Much love x

Hi Just a quick question I have my colposcopy booked this Wednesday and later that evening have a shift at work where I will be on my feet for four hours straight, would you book the day off? 

I've not gone through anything like this before so have no idea at all.


Thank you and good luck with your results xx


Thank you for your kind wishes xxxx


Personally I would book the day off. But if you speak to your doctor about your job they would be able to advise you (might even be able to get a sick note) depending in the outcome.

I'm a cleaner and the thought of a lot of hoovering / being on my feet a lot at work after having a biopsy put me off I need a day to heal. I told my employer about my smear results on 22nd January and told him I had a hospital appointment. He was very understanding on the matter.

However if your still unsure speak to your gp/coloscopy department beforehand. 

I'm sure you'll be ok I know it's easier said then done but you'll be fine.

Think of it as a in depth smear test.

I found this bit of research on Cancer Research UK. About questions to ask the doctor at the appointment.


What treatment do I need for my abnormal cervical cells?Why do I need this treatment?

Why are you recommending this particular type of treatment for me?

Do I have a choice in the treatment I have?What are the side effects of these treatments?

Are there any long term effects of these treatments?How long will the treatment take?

Can I be treated as an outpatient?

How long will it take to get over the treatment?

What should I do to help myself get over the treatment?

When should I have another cervical screening test?

Should I have cervical tests more often, now I have had an abnormal one?

I might be pregnant. Can I still be treated?

Will this treatment affect pregnancy for me in the future?.

If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here x

Much love x

Thank you, I've just popped into my work and they were great and booked the day off for me paid straight away and said they will ring to see how I am for further shifts - I work in retail so don't really fancy walking and being pleasant if I feel awful. 


I didn't even think of half of those questions so thank you x


Your very welcome. My Dr also said to me today that if I don't want to end up back there to give up smoking. I'm not a heavy smoker but after going through the coloscopy I'd rather give up and not have it done again due to smoking.

You'll be in my thoughts on Wednesday I hope it all goes well for you and if you ever need anyone to talk to/vent to please feel free to message me. 

Much love 

Katie x

Thank you, luckily I suppose I don't smoke so that's not going to be an extra issue, although I bet giving up something that can help relax you in this time of stress is not easy so well done you for trying and good luck.x

Hiya x

Thank you xxxx

It's not easy but I'd rather give up then add to the issue x it shouldn't be too hard just means chocolate and cuddles from the partner on a bad day :) xxxx


Much love x

Katie x

Hiya x

Thinking of you today x hope your ok and your doing ok xxxx let me know how it goes and if u ever need to chat I'm here for you xxx

Much love x

Katie x