Today I get my BRCA test results & I am scared

Sorry didn't know where to post this so seemed like best area given the limited options.

I was invited for genetic screening a few months ago. Got a call on Monday to ask me to come in today to discuss the results.

Am petrified....thoughts of how life may change completely if I find out I am carrying the faulty genes not only for me but for my daughter too.

If I'm not I can't be complacent as carry high risk HPV and had a few lletz treatments already

So there is no winning result just a whole heap of fear and trepidation.


Hi there 

i hope your results appointment went ok , I too have had some genetic testing and all so far has turned out to be ok , 

just wanted to reply and say hope it went well.

take care 

Greeni xx

Sorry to hear that you are frightened...  You could beneft from speaking to a genetic counselor - they are trained in genetics and have counseling experience to help think through family issues, etc.  Myriad Genetic Laboratories, one of the major genetic testing labs, has genetic counselors available to talk about results.  You can reach a genetic counselor at (800) 469-7423.  If you'd like to see one in person, you can find a genetic counselor in your community through the National Society of Genetic Counselors website at:

Good luck to you!