to young to be screened need advice

hi every one

im 22 and gave birth to a beautiful son just over a year ago now,

before and during my pregnancy ive experienced a lot of pelvic pain bleeding between periods after intercourse and nothing was done untill 3 months ago

i had repetedly told my doctor about my problem and befor i had my son/fell pregnant he was quiet rude and said i cant have a smear due to my age then mentioned jade goody basicly scared the life out of me, but then i fell pregnant and got destracted by it during my prgnancy i had repeted cervical ertions and was told thi needed investigating well as i mentioned it was 2 months ago, along with the abnorma bleeding and pain during intercourse at my first exam i was told i had a strawberry cervix and refferd for ultrasounds etc about lower abdomen pain came back clear but this is what is really bothering me and im scared whitless


i went to meet with a gynocolagis (sorry for the spelling) she spoke with me about my symptoms, then asked to have a look at my cervix and as she did it was extreamly painfull and i also bleed you could see it on the spectlum as she took it out to me her face said it all, she said my cervix is extreamly abnornal with lesions very red swollen and as she explaines it was kind of turning on its self i cant think of the term she used at the moment but she told me i urgently need a cervical screening she wanted to do it there and then but as she asked for her college to have a look and he agreed it was abnormal and one was needed a man in a suit came in im guessing a high up docer and basicly put the shutters on any chnce of a smear test he said im not 25 and can not have one no other explination as why i am very angry and upset at the health service at the moment as well as this ihvae lost just over a stone in weight witch is unexplained im hopeing its stress, i just cant understand how some one can be told it needs to be done urgently with out delay and then tell them they are to yung.  im now waiting for a laperscomy to see if they can find anything from that witch my gyno basicly had to beg the higer up doctor for,,, any advice of what i could can do would be great or any one that may have gone through this as im scared as hell as my mum sufferd cervical cancer at age 21 and had the cancerous cells removed and has been great since even though i will be her only ever child shes happy and healty thank god meany thans and love to you all

Hi there hun. An awful situation those docs have put you in. You may be too young to be tested via a smear but no matter what age you are, if you have symptoms they should be doing a colposcopy and taking biopsies. Please get in touch with Sandra Cousins at the Mercedes Curnow Foundation. She has a website and she is on Facebook. Sandras daughter Mercedes was under age and refused a smear and was finally diagnosed too late. Since Mercedes death Sandra has been raising money through the foundation to help girls just like yourself to see a Dr privately and have tests done. She is also very supportive and will help you through the process. Sandra is relentlessly campaigning to lower the age of smears. I am sending all my love to you. Keep strong girl, u will get answers. Xxxx

Just wanted to add that in no way saying that you have cancer it could be something all together benign but with the test done its peace of mind for you. Xxxxx

thank you so much i will be looking that up today i just want to know whats wrong even if it is my worst fear id know instead of being left in limbo like thay have done to me but got appointment through today to see gyno again so they are working quickly this time but just feels like im not being given the hole story half the time id rather have ther oppininon and it be wrong than them think its someting not tell me and for them to be right if that makes sence laperscopmy appointment should be thrugh soon enough so maybe they will find it is just a deformaity and can remove it, doc said they will probs lazer off whats there but im not sure yet as still waiting meany thanks and much love and healing sending your ways xx thank you again xxx