To the discordant/mismatching ladies

Finally got my actual histology results from LLETZ. CIN3 in the part that they removed from the surface of the cervix, and normal glandular cells in the part they removed up the cervical canal (called a ‘top hat’ on the histology report). No mention of area of CIN3 in the tissue they removed, but it did have the dimensions of that bit of tissue they removed (about 2 by 2 by 1.5 cm) - I thought it looked rather large when I snuck a look at it.

Marple213, if you read this, have you got any results back yet?

Hi Gabrielle!

That sounds like good news that the dodgy bits were contained within the cervix bit of the biopsy and nothing lurking further upwards.  It does sounds like they took a massive chunk from you!  I had my lletz last week and didn't just sneak a look - I made her pass me the container once she'd finished so I could have a proper nosey and she'd only taken a pathetic little bit, I was really unimpressed!!  Especially as I had strongly encouraged her to chop off as much as physically possible because I desperately want them to find out where the hell the problem area is.

Apparently I have a 'shallow' cervix so she said she couldn't get that much off it.  I had quite an audience for my lletz due to various nurses, doctors and med students all hovering around, and sadly they all agreed that it looked perfectly healthy again this time so I'm not holding out much hope for any bloody answers when I get my results and imagine I'll be back for some more invasive investigations.  After two high grade smears, I will not be able to believe things are ok if this biopsy comes back clear so I'm not resting until they get right up there for a look and find some answers!

Hopefully I'm just being a pessimist though! Results should be back within another 3-5 weeks but I'll give it a fortnight and then re-start my daily phoning of the clinic as it takes them two sodding weeks to write to me every time so I'm done waiting around for stuff to come through the post.

I'll let you know how I get on.  I hope you're feeling very positive about your results, and I'll keep on crossing my fingers that you'll get signed off at your 6 month check xxx

Sounds like you had quite a team in there to take a look! Mine apparently looked healthy too before they took the parts out they did at LLETZ. Glad they took something out, even if it seemed small, hopefully its enough to a) show something and b) get clear margins. Would be great to put an end to the wondering and what ifs for you. If your letter does not state the exact findings, ask them to send you the full histology report (or get your regular doctor/GP to request it). My results letter just said it was consistent with my smear, which after all the uncertainty did not mean much. So it was good to get the full histology report. 

Man they took a lot out of mine (that 2 by 2 by 1.5 cm part was only one bit, the other bit was not quite as large, but it had similar dimensions in the histology report), I must have a large cervix or not much left!

I am feeling a weight off my shoulders now, it is good to have some confirmation of what was there and hopefully it is all gone.