To bath or not to bath!

Hi ladies, 

I had my second biopsy taken on Thursday. The colposcopy was fine (actually had a bit of a laugh with the consultant in a hilarious and very british way!). I'm feeling fairly calm about everything. BUT since the biopsy I haven't bled at all or had any discharge or Pain - I'm half thinking maybe I imagined having the procedure! 

Its my 25th Birthday tomorrow and I'm out with the girls so would quite like a bath first! What do you think? Maybe if I put some salt in and a avoid bubbles?

Previously, I was a firm believer in waiting at least a week, but last time I bled for 7 days, so it seemed to make sense... 

What do you think?

Hope you're all doing well, 


Hi honey,

I have alway's taken a bath because it relaxes me so much,even when they said


I wouldn't advise staying in too long or using anything in the bath except salt.

Hope all goes well.Enjoy your night out ;-)

Take care

Becky x

Hey ghostgirl,

I am too scared to give it a try but desperately want one! 

Have a fabulous birthday


Thanks ladies! :)

Happy Birthday Little One! :-)

Doctors with a sense of humour are just divine aren't they? Fabulous! You should see the graffiti in surgeons toilets!

Personally I would err on the side of caution with a long and luxurious shower, fond of long baths as I once was.

Have a wonderful day and a brilliant night out.