TMI - question

So, I’m 9 months out, and am suddenly having small amounts of clear discharge daily, after not having any since treatment. It’s clear, and is a bit reminiscent of the discharge before, but not as smelly.

I’ve been taking HRT for months, so my hope is that I’m simply healing and my vagina is just finally doing what it’s supposed to do, but I’m also freaked right out that it’s a bad sign. I’m also really struggling with fatigue these days.

I have my scans and follow up appointment next week, but in the meantime could use your input? Should I call and get checked out sooner or is this normal? I hate that I don’t know my own body anymore. Thanks for listening.

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Hey @Elroo . My oncologist told me to tell them if i had any changes at all to discharge, or any changes to do with my vagina. Im sure it is just your body healing and returning to normal, but always worth getting checked as IF (and im sure it isn’t) it is anything of concern, the sooner they find it and nip it in the bud the better. Sending much love x

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Also @Elroo the tiredness is likely just your body adjusting to its new normal, and menopause! And the shift in seasons really affects me too. Try not to worry xx

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Hi I understand your feeling. Last year I have the same problem. Discharge and pain. I worried he came back. After several months of ultrasound and ct . It’s ok. This year a little discharge still occur. I don’t know why . But don’t too worried. Bless for you


Thanks for replying!! I had my follow up this week, and was given the “all looks good”, you’re still clear, so I’ll take it! Said the discharge looks normal and makes sense with my HRT and nothing to worry about there. Was only told to get using my dilators/have sex more often, as things are starting to tighten up.

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Great news! Super easy to get really anxious about every little thing, so great to have had your mind put at ease.

On the dilators, my husband was unwell for a few weeks so we didnt have sex and my vagina is so tight again. Feels like all the work we did to stretch it has been undone! Back on it we need to go, onwards and upwards! X