Heya, extremely nervous newbie here! *waves* I got my smear results on Tuesday and went for my colposcopy on Thursday and despite being warned I would be having treatment I went on my own like a lamb to the slaughter, my smear result was High Grade (severe) dyskaryosis, and they were prepped for me to have lletz before they had even seen me. I have had a dodgy smear in the past but when I went for the colposcopy the experience was completely different, they prepped me for lletz as soon as my legs were in the stirrups this time which put me on edge alot. I really tried not to look at the screen while I was having the acetic acid applied but I couldn't help it, my cervix started to bleed like a sponge and the consultant just said I can see abnormalities nothing to worry about but i'm going to go ahead and removed them, and then I peaked as he removed the entire surface of my cervix :( tmi I know but i cried while on the bed and when i left I felt completely unnerved, especially as the only thing the consultant said to me was the results will be rushed through and should be with you in two - 4 weeks. :( He took my coil out and put a fresh one in adamant I wasn't allowed to keep it out in case I caught on in between smears :( I really don't know what to think. Since then i've been shattered, tired from 5:30pm onwards and i'm bleeding bright red blood with random clots, and it stinks! no chargrilled black cervix bits have arrived yet. (I keep referring to the procedure as the BBQ) So I suppose my question is has anyone else watched the screen? What did you see? Ive googled bleeding during the acetic test (I know bad idea!) and it just says cancer cancer cancer which is playing ridiculously on my mind the idea of waiting 2/4 weeks for those kind of results is killing me and I turn 30 next week (I get the best birthday presents from the powers that be every time!) anyway would be lovely to hear from some people in the same boat or who have been in the same boat Bex xx

Oh I'm so sorry your experience was horrible! I also watched the procedure it was grim right?!!! It's been 4 weeks I'm still waiting for my results it's horrible everyday waiting like this. I had a small surface area removed she said it was the size of the very tip of your little finger. No idea of this is good or standard bad lol :( why us eh???? Just want to be healthy and normal.....erghhhhh