Hi I'm new to this forum, have been lurking in the background for the past couple of weeks reading the other posts which have really helped.

I'm 43 years old, had a smear in Jan 14 that came back high grade, first colcoscopy  appointment in February where a punch biopsy was taken but couldn't do any further treatment due to being pregnant, this turned out to be an Ectopic in March so had an emergency operation to remove my tube and the ectopic, this then enabled me to have the Letz and cone biopsy done in April, found out just over a week ago that Im stage 1a cancer with Gin cells higher up in my cervix. On May 27th I'm going back to hospital again for a knife biopsy higher up in my cervix to hopefully get a clearer idea of what's going on. I've been told there's a very high likelihood of having a hysterectomy plus they may need to take my lymph nodes out aw well. I'm ok with this because I'm very fortunate in that I've got 2 beautiful kids and a grandson, as long as they get all of the cancer I really don't care what they have to do.

The problem I'm having is feeling so tired all the time despite getting to bed at a reasonable time and having a pretty good nights sleep, it's embarrassing because I'm always yawning which isnt good when youre a driving instructor and your pupil is sitting next to you....does anyone else have this excessive tiredness or should I get it checked out?  The constant waiting for news isn't helping, especially because each time I get news it seems to be worse than the last time.


Hi Snoopy71. 


I have also just been diagnosed as stage 1a however at the moment that is all I know as waiting for further checks at present. However I am also feeling excessively tired all the time, im usually falling asleep on the sofa around 10pm if not earlier. and i spend the whole day feeling lethargic. I'm a student midwife so also feeling very rude about yawning but I really can't help it. I don't know why I feel like this, and hoping it will pass soon. 


Thanks for your reply, your stuation is pretty identical to mine, its reassuring to know it's not just me.

How have you coped with things so far? I was completely stunned at first, very emotional, kept making stupid mistakes which is so unlike me, but in the last week I've been able to get my head round the whole situation, which has helped to bring back an inner calm, but like you I await further tests to determine exactly what I'm dealing with. I know that once I have the facts I will feel a lot better.

The hardest thing for me so far has been telling my friends and family, particularly the kids, always leaves me exhausted.

Please keep us posted on how things go for you.



Hi again, 

It is nice (although not for you) that someone is in pretty much the same situation as me, hopefully we will be going through similar things at the same time, that would be nice. I've kind of just been feeling like its not really happening to me, its all a bit surreal and I'm keeping really busy so as to not think about it. My family have been fantastic and keep checking ij with how I am which is really nice. I have a 5year old so we have decided not to tell him at this stage as I may not need invasive treatment so thought there is no point upsetting him, although I am really snappy with him at the moment :(. 


I think what I'm finding most difficult is the talk of fertility, I know I should be happy with the healthy child I have, I just can't help feeling scared of the possibility that the option to have more children could be taken out of my hands at 25years of age. Hope you are feeling ok. 



Morning Mica

My Grandson is called Micah :-) I can understand your difficulty in dealing with the possible loss of fertility, i'm very fortunate in that I've got the family I wanted, my kids are 19 and 16. 

It really does help knowing someone else in the same situation as me, although friends and family have been brilliant they can't truly understand how it feels.

Like you I've been keeping very busy, work has definately helped to keep me sane. It's a very surreal time, emotions going up and down, trying to stay positive.

Take care

Sarah x


Hi Snoopy,

I'm totally with you on the tiredness. But, then I'm struggling to get to sleep and then actually stay asleep, I'm lucky if I can nod off before 12 and I'm usually on the sofa by 4 watching rubbish TV and obviously Google. I think the not sleeping is for me the worst, as until now no matter what is going on I can sleep for England - 9:30 is a late night for me lol! LAst night I was ironing at 11:30 - on the upside my house has never been so tidy lol

Work is good at keeping me busy, but I find by 1pm I'm struggling to function, never mind make descisions. I've spent the last few weeks throwing it back to people and sking them what they think they should do!

MRI Wednesday, then appointment on the 20th to find out what happens next. I'm such a control freak that all this waiting and not knowing is driving me loopy. Oh well, it's nealy lunch time, soon be 5!

Hugs from a very tired me lol


Hi BabyleeB,

Good to know I'm not the only one who's a control freak, that's so hard to deal with with all this sodding waiting isnt it. Like you my house is a very clean house right now which has got to be a positive :-).

Good luck on Weds, let us know how you get on.

Take Care

Sarah x