Tiredness gone?

So this is strange and was wondering if anyone’s ever experienced this… but when I had my baby at the end July starting around Oct I started to feel like complete crap. I had a few visits to the er for chest pain ( which I had ano abnormal ekg) but all blood work related to cardiac came back good, I had a cardiac echo and strest test which were good and a ct to rule out a PE. But I still felt like complete crap. I felt almost drunk all the time. I could barely stay awake I was falling asleep at work and while driving. Everyone told me it was from having a baby and pushed it aside. I had feelings of impending doom. I had my conization/leep done Nov 29th and the dr did say she felt confident she got all the cancer out and while I’m still nervous bc I don’t have a stage or haven’t had any testing done related to cancer and don’t see the oncologist until the 23rd I have noticed that I have more energy. I don’t feel drunk all the time, I’m not falling asleep. I’m able to wake up at 4 or 5 am and function for the whole day. I’m starting to wonder if it was the cancer in me making me feel like crap and maybe hopeful that it was all taken out. Anyone experience anything like that? I had people at work that thought I was on drugs ( I’m an rn and that’s bad, but I’m definitely not that kind of person) and now people are saying I look better and I do feel better. It’s weird. And I hope that’s a good sign.

Well that all sounds good then! I think that since most of us end up having our cancer removed by processes that are in themselves exhausting there won't be many of us who found themselves with boundless energy the moment the cancer disapppeared.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Lindsay,

I am a RN to have have recently been treated for 1a1 cc which was picked up after my smear come back as cin 1 plus HPV. i was sent for a colposcopy where 3 biopsys were taken, the colposcopy picked up adenocarcionia.

like you I was terrified, and I mean terrified, i just panicked and didn't know how to deal with the stress of it all. 

Anyway, during my time and wait, I did not have a MRI at all...I was treated with a cone biopsy, like you I bleed quite bad and had the putty stuff and I was told what they removed looked like 'normal cervical tissue' my g was confident they had removed it, and the results of that come back completely clear however I opted to have the hysterectomy to be sure if there was anything else lurking further up it would be removed. My histoloy report for that also came back clear thank the lord! I've still not had a MRI or PET scan!! 

I Experianced episode of what I can only describe as drunk sensations at times of sever anxiety. I could be sat down and my mind would be racing and inside my body I felt as if I was bouncing around, or if I was standing up I would go all wobbly like my legs where jelly. 

The psycological side of this journey is horrendous, but it does get easier. I have been at my darkest since July when I found out but now I am finding it easier, and you will too!! Just take each day as it comes, try and rest when you can and make sure you can sleep...although sleep for me is a issue at the mo but I'm sure it's to do with my mattress and pillows so I'm going to treat myself in the new year!! 

Last week I received my letter stating that it was over and I would not be having a bait smear (not sure on how I feel about that just yet!) and that it's over. Part of me is scared they have missed something part of me thinks right...they know what they're doing and if their happy to let me go then I should move on but that fear will be here for a very long time! I'm obsessed with my body now, I didn't know it was there before so how will I know again!? 

What your experiencing is what we've all been through. The fears, worries, anxiety and so on....just one day at a time honey xxx