Tiredness and low energy - before treatment

Hello ladies,

I'm just wondering if others have had issues with tiredness and very low energy levels, before beginning treatment. I know it is the main side effect of chemo/radiation therapy, but I've not even started!

My GP thinks I may have developed anaemia due to blood loss over the past three months, but I'm waiting on blood test results.

I'm just tired, all the time. I do struggle to sleep, but even after a rare full night, I feel the need for constant naps and I'm always tired. I went back to work for a day and was exhausted! 

I'm due to start treatment in a few weeks, but I'm just looking for advice for right now really. I'd like to work a bit before I do, so any advice or shared experiences would be very helpful!



If you're anything like me, emotional strrss triggers a.physical reaction with tiredness and low energy so that coupled with your blood loss is probably the culprit. Try and rest as much as you can. I know some ladies have been fine during treatment but I'm on day 2 and the tiredness is overwhelming and have nausea too xx

I agree with sweetpea that emotional stress may be a contributing factor. Even I'm knackered all the time and what I'm experiencing doesn't even scratch the surface of what your going through. Sorry I can't be of more help but I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and I hope your treatment goes OK. Stay strong and keep in touch, big hugs xxx

Almost certainly a psychological contributing factor here. I was always tired before too. I'm sure the blood loss doesn't help either, you've got that in hand though so if that's a culprit it can be sorted. Don't beat yourself up about sleeping. Rest when you need it, your body is speaking to you. We're not great as humans in listening to what our bodies want and need. If this experience is teaching me anything it's to do exactly that. 

Once you start treatment you're likely to be tired and probably a bit nauseous until they sort it out (which they do, if you tell them. Don't suffer in silence). You have no choice but to listen to your body as it does what it pleases. If I try to fight sleep I end up feeling sick and just plain grumpy- not a good combination according to the OH!!!

Best of luck with everything. 

Rachel xx

So many in agreement that there's not much point in me adding that I think it's emotional stress. Your body just wants to shut down and sleep until it's all over with and who can blame it for that?

So sorry you're finding it exhausting Sweet pea! Tell the staff about the nausea! What anti-sickness pills are you on? If not Emend, ask for it!

Be lucky :-)

Hi Hani, 

Agree with the others in that there is way to much to be taking in, processing and coping with not to expect some sort of reaction from our bodies. 

I will also add that although your bleeding may be in hand, anaemia is still a possibility.  I had bloody tests early when I was at my worst which showed my body to be holding up yet have ended up having 2 transfusions 1 before treatment so that it could start and 1 on my second day of treatment. Your gp is right to check. 

Whatever it is I hope you get it sorted quickly.

good luck xx

Since being diagnosed with stage 2 cc 3 weeks ago I have had awful nausea. I had chronic diarrhea and nausea for the first 10 days . Dr gave me diazepam for 2 weeks which helped with my anxiety. Now put me on some anti depressants.  I am waking up every morning feeling so nauseous and unable to drag myself out of bed for a couple of hours. By the afternoon I feel a bit better and try to do a few jobs around the house but feel weak and tired. My treatment of radiotherapy anb chemo starts next week. I am wondering if anyone else felt like this and any ideas what to do help with the nauseau?