Tired and achy

Now 1 month post radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal. I'm healing OK, took my first very short drive yesterday. But I just feel so tired and achy all the time. I generally have poor quality sleep anyway, have had numerous investigations for it, but this is worse than normal. And constant heavy ache from head to foot. I know my body needs to recover and has undergone a major trauma, but I feel so fed up. Sorry, I know many of you lovely ladies are experiencing so much worse, but its good to have a place to come and have a little moan!!

I know how you feel I was just thinking my legs are all achy and feel exhausted and still spotting too, was bleeding before so I have been bleeding non stop for months. It's all rubbish, but I try to remember how rubbish I felt 4 weeks ago when I had the op compared to now. Imagine another 4 weeks how much better we will feel again xxxx

Hi Blackberry :-)

Sorry you are feeling like poop! Honestly though, one month is a very short time in comparison with the major trauma that a radical hysterectomy is. You will be achey and exhausted for a little while yet I'm sorry to say. But don't push yourself. Allow yourself to be floppy and do nothing. Don't worry, you'll be back on your feet again when your body is ready.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Blackberry

I was exactly the same.  It took a while to get over the acheyness and fatigue but slowly it did lift.  Then I'd get the odd day where I'd slip back but those days got less and less frequent.  Rest really is the best treatment and just do bits when you feel able to.  I used to love going for my walks and was on a high when I could manage to go a bit further.

I was a crap sleeper too, bad before and worse afterwards but it did get better.  Yes there are down days but looking back now the time seems to have gone by really quickly.  You'll get there.



Thanks ladies. It certainly helps to know I'm not alone. I am able to do more now, managing ironing and washing up in small doses, trying to go for a daily walk, but suppose I just expect to be able to do more. I really should know better. The support on here really is invaluable x



I am 5 weeks post treatment (same as yours but ovaries also removed) and am still tired and achy so you are not alone.  Fluid seems to  rest in my stomach  area as the day goes on or if I am active which is really uncomfortable.  Although my stomach area gets very bloated the tops of my legs are starting to feel more normal which is an improvement.


Like others I keep myself positive by reminding myself I have had major surgery and have come so far in 5 weeks.  It's frustrating that the heeling process takes so long but in another months time we will hopefully feel so much better.


I was originally signed off work for 6 weeks and am meeting my GP tomorrow for a review.  I am definitely not ready to return to work yet.  


Keep positive.



I am 6 days post RH and am still resting in bed. The top of my left leg is numb which i hope will go away. I am getting tingling in my legs. Is this normal? I feel so tired all the time but would love to try a 10 minute walk and get some fresh air. How long should i wait until i go for a walk? 

Hi Sharon,

I was encouraged to walk up and down the ward after about five days I think. I recall it was a struggle getting out of bed on day 4 so I don't recall how long it was before I was able to manage the full length of the ward but walking is encouraged to get the digestive system back into normal operation.

Be lucky :-)


I had to get out of bed the day after my op and just take few steps round the bed.  This increased each day and by day 4 I was walking down the corridor and back (albeit very slowly!).  On day 5 the physio had me walking up a flight of steps and down again.  When I came home I went for small walks outside - about 5 minutes twice a day to start with gradually increasing each day - I remember thinking the feeling of fresh air on my face was wonderful!

Just be careful not to overdo it too much but your body will soon tell you if you have.

Incidentally the top of my left leg was numb too, it lasted a few months, gradually getting better.  Had cleared up completely after about 6 months.

Hope the recovery goes well.



Thanks for the feed back. I really appreciate it. 

I still have the numbness at the top of my left leg but i also have numbness along the bottom of my back and right buttock, however, it is not entirely numb as i have what i can only explain as nerve pain. Could this be the feeling coming back or the regrowth of nerves? It's very painful and is affecting my sleep so i'm always exhausted. I make sure i get up every day and try to do a bit of mild house work. Not so sure this is a good idea but i have to do something or i will go mad. I go into the back garden and walk around for 5 minutes as the fresh air is nice.

I also have nipping pains which i think are internal stiches? I will ask my Consultant on Thursday. I also have pain in my V which i hope goes away. It comes and goes but is painful.

Throughout this process i have been very strong and matter of fact. I got the all clear on Thursday so it's just a matter of recovery. I am now starting to feel quite down. I'm not sure if it's just hitting me now or if it's the lack of sleep.

Sorry for the complaining but feel better already getting this off my chest, x