Tips for getting my body ready for treatment.

I’m stage 4a so expecting the treatment to be quite hard.
I’m walking about 2-3 miles a day and trying deep breathing. I am juicing - fruits in the morning, raw veg in the afternoon. Green teas, lots of water and trying not to eat sugary stuff.
Resting when I need it and trying not to stress.

Any tips for me what else I should be doing?

firstly, amazing that you are being so positive, proactive and healthy, I truly believe this make a HUGE difference to your physical and mental wellbeing.

only addition I can suggest is Yoga, meditation and mindfulness. 

Turmeric root and ginger are also supposed to be good for immune system and make juices taste yummy! BONUS! 

Hiya, I have advanced CC and I don't know what grade as I've never asked. I found the treatment hard really hard I was so poorly it was unreal I couldn't walk as I was so weak and couldn't eat at points etc. There isn't really anything you can do I don't think as the treatment will beat you down even if you are the fittest healthiest person ever as it kills all your blood cells and kind of shuts part of your body down (how it felt for me). The best thing to do whilst having treatment is to rest as much as you can and  eat as much as you can as weight loss is almost guarentted! I give up my phone keeps misspelling things!

I would get all your afairs in order eg if your going be off work find out if you will get sick pay, will it cover all your bills? If not get a letter from work stating how much they will pay you, a copy of your rent or mortgage agreement with how much you pay, proof of employment, a copy of your bank statement and proof of I'd and go to your council to get help with rent and council tax, they're helping me.

I would also see who you can rely on for help someone to do your shopping for you, someone to take you to the hospital, someone to help you at home eg cleaning and bathing etc. I found having more than one person helped so that I wasn't a burden On just one person.

If you want any information once you get your treatment plan or want to talk you can message me xx

Thank you both  carmel I am so sorry that it affected you so badly, I have spoken to people who have absolutely breezed through it so I'm hoping I can do the same.  

You have given me some good advice. I'm definitely taking off work - gave up as soon as I had proper diagnosis   I am a childminder and I didn't think that with my frame of mind atm, I am good to be around. 

Because I am self employed I am only entitled to esa - I am waiting to see a financial adviser on Friday so she can tell me if I can claim anything. 

I am lucky that my husband is retired and so will be at home to look after me and do all the housework (he does anyway ) I also am very lucky to have some good friends and family members that I will be asking to take me for the treatment if my husband can't.  It's important to me that my husband is hone everyday to pick our children up from school. I think they need that continuity and not wonder every day who will be there to collect them.

I don't think I'll be entitled to council tax benefit as we have over the  16k savings limit. It's a shame because we saved so hard to ensure we had enough money in the bank as a buffer because my husband is retired. No harm in asking.  My friend also has suggested we see if I'm entitled to a ppi claim.  I don't think we will be but worth a try!

Nellie,  I'm going to try yoga hopefully,  there is a session at my gym that apparently concentrates on a breathing technique which stops cancer cells growing. Apparently cancer hates oxygen.  Looking back this makes a lot of sense as I have been very anaemic so the cancer has grown due to lack of oxygen! I'm just unsure of whether I'll be able to get to the gym.

I'm hoping the fact that I am reasonably fit and healthy at the moment will help. After all, even when I was very badly anaemic in the summer I was still able to play rounders and run 5k in the race for life.

I need to look into mindfulness as I have seen a lot of people talking about it .

Thank you both for your advice and I hope you are both on your way to recovery x 

Just to add as well that I am also going into this with a very positive attitude.  I have 3 children and need to be strong for them.

I feel that my body is strong. 

I know it's different but I have had 3 babies with no pain relief,  I am convinced that it was down to my positive my last birth the midwives said they had never seen anyone so calm.  

I also had a pulmonary embolism 5 years ago. Most people on the forums there had to take at least 3 months of work before they were able to go back. I had a week off and this was only because I was in hospital.  

Fingers crossed  my attitude with help me through. 

I have a lovely motto as my screen saver 

Your body can take anything,  it's your mind you have to convince.

I'm convincing my mind the best I can

Philleepa you are an inspiration!

You Go Girl!


Ha ha - I haven't started my treatment yet!!!!! It might be a different story in a few weeks 

Indeed it might, but it seems to me that you have a very healthy mind, body, spirit and attitude and it's going to take something very strong indeed to knock you down :-)

Be lucky :-)

I'm glad that you have's worth asking I thought I wouldn't get any help but I have but I'm single so I don't know.

its good that your husband is so helpful - lucky girl :-).

keep us all informed as to how you get on! Oh and the slap or pip as its called is done on a points grade and is all about you not what you have in the bank :-)...I would wait until youve started your treatment before applying for this as you don't know how your going to be - they ask a lot but it's all to help with your claim xx


our onco always reminds us to not forget to eat your proteins and iron rich food for your blood levels. You need the protein to maintain your muscle in keeping you fit to do day to day stuffs