Tips for conception please

i have just had my 6 month post trach check up. MRI is clear and the doc can see my 'cervical canal/hole' just by looking, so no stenosis and all good news........and he has given us the all clear to try and conceive!!!!!! I am so so happy at the moment but would love some advice on getting pregnant with a trach, from ladies in the same position. A friend started telling me about monitoring my cervical mucous......i was like, errmmmm I don't have a cervix so probably dont have much cm. bless her xx anyway, tips and advice appreciated.

Resident midwife here! I would say...monitor your cycle very closely. You ovulate 14 days before you start your period. Have sex on days 8, 10, 12 and 14 of your cycle if you have a 28 day one. Buy ovulation kits if your cycle is hap-hazzard. They monitor the amount of leutenizing hormone in your system, and once positive, it means you are about to ovulate. Once you have had sex, put a cushion under your bum to raise your hips, this stops the sperm from swimming out! And lay down for an hour afterwards! Good luck, and let us know how you get on ;-) xxx

Hi Nellie

I am pregnant after a trachelectomy. It took about a year and I was about to start IVF treatment when it happened naturally.

I used ovulations kits. You can buy them cheaply from amazon. I also had an ap on my phone called P tracker which tracks your periods to show you a general trend. I used this to work out when i was ovulating and then pee'd on the ovulation stick just to double check. I also bought some sperm friendly lubricating gel - althought this was a bit of a passion killer and we weren't using it at the time of conception, but its worth a go. As you wont be making much cervical mucus, the sperm may find it difficult to pass through, so the lubrication helps with this.

I also tried the bum in the air trick and didnt go to the loo for an hour or so afterwards.....Too much information I know!.....but it worked for me!

Best of Luck