Tiny amount of cancer found

Hi, I hope it is ok to post this in here.

I was called in for colposcopy after an abnormal smear test. I had LLETZ done 28th Jan.

I went for follow up appointment yesterday. She said they found a tiny amount of cancer. This has been referred to oncology to decide on best steps.

She said not to worry, that it was found on time and good news.

When she told me I burst into tears, and couldn't stop crying all evening. I am devastated. I am 32 and have a 7 month old baby. I can't stop worrying about whether it could have spread, or whether it could come back worse. I also want to have more children, am aware now I have a higher risk of pre term labour.

I am waiting to hear from them, which she said could be next week or the week after. What normally happens next? 

Hi Jen, sorry to hear they found cancer but good news that it was a tiny amount, found early and removed. This happened to me in january 2015, lletz for cin3 then called back to say tiny focus of cancer cells found (1.4mm). Although all was removed, they booked me in for a cone biopsy top hat under ga, just to be sure they got a good clear margin of healthy tissue. The result of that was no cin or cancer, so just healthy tissue. It depends on the hospital but if its 1a1, you wouldn't normally have any scans but my anxiety was horrendous thinking its spread, so I was given an mri for reassurance which came back clear. Then its usually 3 or 6 monthly appointment which will gradually increase to yearly. As terrifying as it is hearing that word, its sounds as though yours has been found early and removed so great you went for your smear and follow up appointment. A consultant said to me the chance of 1a1 having spread is next to zilch. I also had 2 young children at the time, 2 and 1 and remember that fear. Lletz does increase the risk of pre term labour, especially if you have more than one but your consultant should discuss the pros and cons with you. Theres things they can do to help prevent it, like putting a stitch into your cervix to hold it closed. It may not be needed  but theres options if it is x

Try not to panic! I was in your shoes a few months ago. I actually found out online from my medical records that they had found cancer. It was very small, only 1mm in each area but there were a few areas. Anyway, I can assure you that things will all be okay! I was booked in to see an oncologist, he was great! Then I had another LLETZ under GA, and that came back with no more cancer found. I have an oncology appointment next week again but this is because due to some medication I take I'm at really high risk of this happening again, but apart from that, I'm not cancer free. 

It's a really funny feeling having cancer but it only being tiny. I have struggled with the anxieties of knowing I had cancer, Worrying about spread etc, but what I can tell you is that it's so easy for them to treat these early stages, it's more of a nuisance than anything else. I will be honest though, the waiting each time is so painful! I found some comfort because I was able to read the MDT meeeting notes in my medical records and that helped alleviate a lot of my worries. Try and stay calm till you know what you're dealing with xxx

Hi Jen,

I'm sorry that you find yourself here. I was in the exact same position as you in early 2019. I had an abnormal smear during pregnancy and shortly after having my baby, I had a cone biopsy which came back 1a1 (a very small amount around 1.4mm found). I have had 3 monthly checks since then and have just moved to 6 monthly. I went into a dark place for awhile which I can assure you does not help anything. So to save you from googling yourself to death, I can tell you everything I found :) and that is exactly what was said above- there is rarely a case found where it has spread further. You will be followed more closely now anyways to find things before they can turn into something more dangerous. It is a scary surprise to hear the word cancer said, but be reassured that it was caught early and get back to living, enjoying your family and your new baby. 

Thanks for all your comments.

I am booked for another check in 6 months and that's all they are doing for now.

I was doing ok until I got a phone call from the hospital this afternoon. A nurse called to check that I was ok. She got everything wrong, she told me I needed a MRI, chest scan to check that the cancer hadn't spread. I said I was confused as I was told it was very unlikely as 1a1 and that they  didnt need to do any of that. She kept saying I also needed a scan to check that it hasn't spread to my ovaries.

Again I said I didn't understand as this wasn't what the last person told me. She said maybe she has got it wrong and she is checking.

I am 99% sure that this nurse has got it wrong, she didn't seem to know what she was talking about. But since the phone call I can't help feeling like a nervous wreck, all that anxiety I had before has come back. 

I have cysts on my ovaries which are dermoid cysts and not cancerous and not at all related to cervical cancer. So I think that is what she is confused with. But she is a nurse, who was ringing to check I was ok, but now I feel 100 times worse than before she called!

Hi! There are examples when doctors observed a pregnant woman, performed a caesarean section at a certain time, and then started radical treatment. There are examples when you had to have an abortion. In any case, you need to think about the already born child. Eggs can be frozen before flowing. First, you need to pass a diagnosis of the prevalence of the cancer process. Discuss with the doctor the prognosis and possible options.

A few areas!!! Arrrgh didn’t even consider this