Tinitus week 4 of Chemo/Rad


just wondered if anyone has developed tinitus during there treatment ive developed it end of week 3/week 4 of cycle. Its been persitant since straight after 4th chemo saw follow up consultant today and he strongly advised if it still there thursday (chemo day) that he does not want me to have the last one as it can be permanent damage. he kind of said it wasnt major if i missed the last one as ive had 80percent already. And a good wack. Just not to sure how to feel about it. All on track for bracytherapy next week and everything else as normal.  Any advise?

thanks Francesca xx

Hi Francesca

i had a bit of tinitus around the same time,thats when I lost my taste buds too.(got my taste back quickly tho) Still think my ears are damaged cos I def dont hear as good now. My last chemo got stopped as well but it was due to me having a bad allergic reaction to it on weeks 3&4. My dr also said that 4 is more than enough. Now just let the brachy kick ass.

Tracey x

Hiya Tracey, 

ah really thats good to hear and you are all clear now aswell so please what a relief !! I have lost my taste buds too now you say that and get bad taste.

Was really worried about it but i really think so far not looking like im going to have last one so will try not to worry about it to much Then now. Now just got to await for the brachy!! How did you find it? Feeling anxious i havent had much info yet waiting for appt with the lady to tell me more before i go in tuesday. taking it this is the main part of the treatment to get rid of this horrid tumour once and for all. 

Thabk you for your reply

love Francesca xx

Hello there,

Gosh, it's a rock'n roll ride isn't it!

I didn't have tinnitus, but I did have chemo cancelled so can appreciate something of what you may be feeling.

I was only ever scheduled for 5 chemo sessions, and asked questions about this because I had seen that lots of people were put down for 6. My Consultant explained that there is a high drop out rate due to the side effects, and only a relatively few people tolerated all six chemo sessions safely. The most important thing was to have all chemo sessions within the timeline of the course of radiotherapy, and to have the radiotherapy within a certain number of hours of the completion of the chemotherapy on that day to optimise the treatment impact.

As it happened, I had two chemo sessions and then developed flu in week three (confirmed diagnosis) with my temperature routinely above 40. (Fun times!) They cancelled my 3rd & 4th week chemo, but continued the daily radiotherapy under infection control precautions because, they said, the radiotherapy is the most important thing, and the chemotherapy is 'the cherry on the top'. (My Consultant's exact words.)

Once they were happy that I no longer had a fever and I had completed my antiviral treatment I had my 3rd & 4th chemo in week 5 & 6 of my radiotherapy. I was was worried and upset that I hadn't had all 5 chemo doses or that they'd built up some kind of 'cancer crushing momentum' and felt as if I'd failed somehow, despite doing all the preparation, avoiding crowds & obviously sick visitors as advised. I had para aortal node involvement and obviously I wanted every possible rogue cancer cell mopped up. It wasn't easy to get my head around my feelings of the 'what ifs' at that point. 

Then I had my 5 week/pre brachytherapy scan results. I had well over 50% shrinkage in all sites. My cervix, the pelvic lymph nodes on my left hand side that had become so big they had seriously affected my walking, and the para aortic nodes. I had 6 more radiotherapy sessions and 1 more chemo to go. My team were delighted with the result - even more than me actually! Apparently, current research indicates the most tolerated number of treatments averaged is 3 anyway, so you are already rocking it with one over. Let the Brachytherapy work it's magic, and then be patient for the ongoing treatment effect to do it's bit when you've long since recovered from the daily hospital visits.

Anyway, I had 2 chemo then a two week gap and then 2 more chemo, and my first post treatment (3 month) scan in April 2017. It was clear or as they described it 'a complete result'. Of course, my lymph node involvement means there's no room for complacency. and the next two years will inevitably be important, but I'm currently well and I've moved on from worrying about the chemo that never happened, to enjoying life and taking each moment as it comes. Which, I'm sure, is the point you'll be at very soon now. :)


Hiya,first if all...dont worry about the brachy cos its not as bad as you may think. The worst but for me was the lying still so long. Thankfully I had a brilliant room mate so we had a lsugh and kept each other going. 

You are almost at the end of treatment now so give yourself a pat on the back:) wont be long until this part of the journey is behind you x

Thank you so muh for your message!!!

It is all so much to take in and so much worry goes around your head and after reading these messages has made me feel more relaxed and better about the situation. Thank you Ladies! 

What a nightmare that must of been for you to have flu amoungst your treatment. Can only imagine how tough that was. With feeling rubbish as it is and going through it its so tough.

it really is all those things you mentioned what im feeling and want every little cancer cell mopped up as possible and the consultant said a similar thing in the sense of its the extra cherry on top. So glad to hear that from someone else and that all is well .. Now awaiting for the scan and bracytherapy to kick its butt and work its magic!!! what a brilliant result you have had so pleased your all well and they keeping a close eye on you. Feeling positive and focused and cant wait to get this treatment finished now roll on the next few weeks xx

lots of love 

Francesca xx

I am 3 chemos done and today my Dr has cancelled my last 2. I have another UTI (my 5th since having surgery) I have developed tinnitus too. Sadly, my bladder isn't responding to antibiotics. Frown

My treatment was a precaution as despite having clear margins 1 microscopic cancer cell was found a lymph after my radical hysterectomy. 

My oncologist echoed what you have all said in the threads above. I feel relieved actually, I hope I don't regret this in the future. I had no choice, my oncologist made the decision for me and I trust her entirely. 


Lots of love you brave women xx 

Hi Cesca. Rather a late post on this one but I develiped tinnitus during treatment. I'm afraid I still have it three years down the line, but only really notice it at night. For me this is a small price to pay for still being well, but it does act as a reminder of what I have been through. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.