Timing is excellent (children mentioned)

Hey all.

Colposcopy Nov 2013 CIN3

Colposcopy April 2015 CIN2

My Oncologist has just written to me with results from latest colposcopy saying he couldn't get it all despite me having nearly all my cervix removed this time. I need to go in & discuss my treatment options to include a hysterectomy.

Does this now count as cancer? We tiptoed round it last time, I really like my Oncologist but he can be quite vague, must be a difficult job to do. I'm in limbo waiting for this appointment with him now as well. I'm scared of having the hysterectomy because I had my children by c-sec so we know my bladder & womb are fused, I don't want to go through menopause either or another surgery. I hate hospital & I'm a crap patient.

I'm also chasing promotion at work, moving house, my eldest is off to secondary school is September so is feeling emotionally vulnerable & my 8yr old is disabled so I'm fighting for all her services. The timing could not be more outrageous and I feel quite offended by it!! :) plus I'm bleeding constantly, in pain (despite having a coil still) under the weather, tired & fed up.

Just wanted to say hi really, to other people who know how I'm feeling..

Lydia xxx







Hi Lydia,


What an incredibly sh***y stick you've been thrown.

I've no experience of CIN myself but I would say No this doesn't necessarily mean you have cancer. From what I can work out from what you've said and other women's experiences I believe that if a lady has LLETZ several times, there comes a time when they can't do that anymore as a result of there not being enough cervix. Your doctor suggesting a hysterectomy will be because they can't do another LLETZ procedure. If CIN 2/3 is left untreated it can become cancer.

I really feel for you having to go trough this with everything else as well.

These are just my thoughts. As I say I've no personal experience. It may be worth speaking with you doctor to discuss your fears and commitments. There may be other options.


I wish you the best of luck.

Rachel x

Thanks Rachel,

I will definitely raise all with my doc, guess I need a space to vent.. As silly as it sounds, I'm far too busy to get sick right now & the idea of having a hysterectomy the same time as trying to get Evie's educational statement in place is pretty much giving me a heart attack.. It's my 30th birthday this August too :( talk about going through the mill!

I've read some of your posts, can I just say you're very brave (as are all the ladies on here)


Hi. I just wanted to say hi as I am on the same boat. I have had abnormal cells since 2012 after the birth of my first. I have had three treatments since and ny recent smear was abnormal again and HPV plus again. I’m expecting the hysterectomy talk when I see my gynecologist on wed. I’m very upset about it although I know I’m not in as bad a position as a lot of ladies here. Feel free to pm me. I can tell you what my doc will say on wed. X

Hi Lydia,

I can only second every single word from Rachel. I'm not sure if you could go down the chemo/radiotherapy route as an alternative to a hysterectomy but with my now 20/20 hindsight that is the question I would be asking in your shoes.

Be lucky :-)



Believe me I don't feel too brave right now. I'm a week away from starting my treatment and seem to have two very conflicting thought processes. I want to get started and fight like a girl but secondly I'm so scared of how it's going to make me feel and whether it will work that I'm driving myself crazy.

I have massive respect for you and fully appreciate how difficult getting educational statementing can be. I work with children with complex needs and see every day parents having to fight and struggle to get the services and help to make things easier. I can't imagine how hard it must be to now face this as well.

If I were you I'd get a plan from the docs including timescale and then plan a kick a*#  party for your 30th. You deserve it.



Tivoli, good point well made - I will ask about that & whether there is anyway to avoid a radical hysterectomy at 29.. I'm done having children but the future issues bother me & how complicated it might be to disentangle my bladder & womb.

Oldhand, I only got my letter yest morning. Done a lot of crying this weekend because I'm fed up! And these things just won't go away, grrr. Guess I'm flapping before I see Doc again, but I've already had 3 weeks sick this year & I work in Sales - the more time I take off, the more ground I lose!

Rachel, thank you. Fingers crossed. I assume you're having chemo/rad? My friend's dad is having very intense treatment for optical cancer (stage 4) and he doesn't feel too bad, just tired. Not nearly as horrific as it used to be I don't think. My consultant mentioned radiotherapy before, I know nothing about either really but I do know that one day at a time is less overwhelming than thinking about your whole course.. Stock up on immune rich food, get some good books and some lavender bath products.. Wishing you the best of luck, and lots of strength xxxxx